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My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! In fact, our passion for waterfalling is so strong that we've not only traveled the world looking for them, but we've created this website to share our personal experiences with you!

While everyone has different reasons for waterfall hunting (or "waterfalling"), we have realized that this activity has allowed us to explore the most scenic places in the world. Indeed, we think that waterfall-themed travel could very well be the best way to explore our world regardless of whether we were looking in places near home or globetrotting abroad!

With such expanded horizons, we've met different people, learned different languages, tried different foods, saw so many different things, and most importantly, we've attained a better understanding of the world around us as well as our place in it.

...and all of this is because of our addiction to waterfalling!

After over a decade of engaging in this activity together, Julie and I can honestly say that it has been truly an enlightening, fulfilling, and life changing experience.

Can it do the same for you?

Indeed, that world map you saw at the top of this page gives you a pretty good idea of where we've been, and we're always keen to add to it! Perhaps YOU can make your own map highlighting waterfalls that you've been to!

Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist
While composing this website allowed us to relive some of our most cherished memories, it allows you to benefit from our shared experiences so you too can look for your own favorite waterfalls and perhaps be inspired to make your own cherished memories.

In this website, you'll find...

With such resources, you can know before you go, avoid our mistakes, plan out your trip or excursion, armchair travel the world, or even connect with fellow waterfallers and indulge in this activity that just doesn't get old.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through these pages, go waterfalling, and explore the best of your world one waterfall at a time!

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Not sure where to begin?

Check out our favorites such as our World's Top 10 or our Regional Favorites. Or perhaps, you're curious about which falls are the tallest (we've got two lists; one based on cumulative height and another based on highest vertical drop).

Looking for a more human element? We've got travel stories (or travel diaries) giving you a sense of what we experienced on our travels. These stories can be entertaining as well as informational by giving you a heads up on what it might be like to go waterfalling in unfamiliar places. Or if you're wondering what waterfalls do for us and why we care about them so much, we've written a couple of pieces regarding this topic as well!

Looking to see what's new in the World of Waterfalls? Follow us and connect with fellow waterfallers by liking our Facebook page. You can also see our updates page to see which pages on this website have been created, changed, or updated.

Iguazu Falls and rainbow
Want to learn more about waterfalls? We've compiled a few articles about the science behind waterfalls from how they're formed to how you measure their height to even how you determine if a waterfall is legitimate or not. We also have a compilation of waterfall- and travel-related books that we've either read and reviewed or that we find interesting and perhaps beneficial to waterfallers.

We've also composed featured articles discussing various topics from waterfall photography to Niagara Falls' importance in American history. We even chronicled our ordeal in dealing with the insurance company after hitting a kangaroo on a waterfalling trip in Australia.

Finally, we welcome visitor contributions and waterfall reviews. We know just about everyone has stories to tell or something to say once they've been affected by waterfalls in some way. And if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have something in particular you're looking for? Use the search box below to search the World of Waterfalls.

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World of Waterfalls: An Emotive Journey

Not convinced yet? How about taking an emotive journey through the wonderful World of Waterfalls by watching this video...

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