Waterfalls of Uganda

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Uganda Waterfalls used to be synonymous with Murchison Falls, but these days, the country is most famous for seeing endangered primates - namely the gorillas and chimpanzees. Not to be outdone, this country also features Sipi Falls, which is really a collection of three impressive waterfalls on the slopes of Mt Elgon - Africa's fourth highest peak.

In addition to being one of the few countries where the equator crosses through, Uganda also shares the mighty Lake Victoria as well as the imposing Rwenzori Mountains. Moreover, the country is also said to harbor the source of the Nile River - the very river that continues 6000km to the north through the Egyptian desert on its way to the Mediterranean Sea!

Our waterfalling in Uganda is limited to only a handful of waterfalls. We hope to be able to return to Uganda to see more waterfalls and perhaps have a go at seeing the critically endangered gorillas.

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Murchison Falls

3 Murchison Falls

Victoria Nile
Sipi Falls

3.5 Sipi Falls

Mt Elgon
Bujagali Falls

1 Bujagali Falls


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