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Arizona Waterfalls are about as contradictory as they get. Given the hot and arid climate that epitomizes the deserts of the American Southwest, it's easy to dismiss this state as lacking waterfalls. Yet we've managed to find them (mostly within the Grand Canyon and the surrounding Coconino Plateau), proving that even waterfalls can be resilient in such unforgivingly dry climates.

But the contradictions don't end there. Although this state may not seem to be a likely place to find waterfalls, it turned out that the ones we did manage to visit were memorable, unique, and/or spectular in some way.

Whether it was the chocolate thunder of Grand Falls or the blue-green waters contrasting red cliffs at Havasu Falls, the waterfalls we were fortunate enough to encounter in this state were impressive enough to be on our Top 10 Waterfalls of the USA List or at least have made an appearance there at one point or another.

We're keenly aware that there are even more waterfalls nestled within the Grand Canyon itself, and we're yearning to go there either on a challenging backpack or on an exhilarating raft ride through the base of the canyon. But until then, check out our humble sampling of the waterfalls of Arizona.

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Havasu Falls

4 Havasu Falls

Havasupai Indian Reservation
Mooney Falls

4 Mooney Falls

Havasupai Indian Reservation
Navajo Falls

1.5 Navajo Falls

Havasupai Indian Reservation
Grand Falls

4 Grand Falls

Navajo Indian Reservation

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