Magod Falls

Uttar Kannada District / Yellapur, Karnataka, India

Rating: 3.5     Difficulty: 1.5
Magod Falls
Magod Falls (pronounced "mah-GOHD") was a relatively unknown waterfall (said to be 650ft). At least that was the impression we got considering all the signage to get here was completely in Hindi and that it seemed to be as quiet an attraction as one could get in India. Still, that didn't take away from the fact that this was a very impressive and scenic waterfall set in a very lush and wild landscape deep in the Western Ghats of Karnataka State.

I've seen in the literature that during the monsoon, this two-tiered waterfall would tumble nearly 200m in cumulative height before splitting into two segments. Even though our visit followed the end of the monsoon season (so the bottom of the stream didn't split), the falls was still flowing quite well and we could hear its roar deep in the gorge below. We could only imagine how crazy of a scene this would be had the Bedti River been in full flood.

After we reached the car park (see directions below), we had to pay the admission and camera fees to get through the gate and follow the well-developed walkway that followed railings protecting us from the steep ravine below while providing nice vistas from across the gorge. The walkway continued up and down a few steps (with the views perhaps being the most impressive in an area near the apex of this hill) before descending towards some sheltered picnic area with a more unassuming partial profile view of the falls.

This was pretty much the only way we experienced the falls. There didn't seem to be a way to get closer to it. So in the end, we spent about 45 minutes mostly of taking photographs and trying to see Magod Falls in as many different ways as possible given the limited amount of maneuvering that we could do.

Directions: Magod Falls is about 17km from Yellapur - the nearest town of any significance. There is a well-signed road turnoff deviating from the state road so obviously the locals know this one's a nice one. Other than that, we can't give any more precise directions since Julie and I were escorted here.

Yellapur is about 50km from Sirsi (where we spent the night) so allow more than an hour on this stretch of fairly well-paved but constantly winding road.

On the way here, we actually were driven down from Goa to the falls, and it took us over 4.5 hours to do this. However, we were delayed for perhaps 15 minutes to a half-hour due to a traffic jam near the Karnataka State border as a result of a whole line of coal trucks waiting to dump their load onto a container ship at some nearby port.

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Magod Falls with a mountain juxtaposed next to it to provide some sense of how big this falls really is
Caught in a traffic jam amidst a long line of coal trucks near the Goa/Karnataka state bordersCaught in a traffic jam amidst a long line of coal trucks near the Goa/Karnataka state borders

Long line of coal trucksLone line of coal trucks

Finally made it to the car park for Magod FallsFinally made it to the car park for Magod Falls

Looking right down at Magod Falls from the official viewing areaLooking right down at the falls from the official viewing area

Context of Julie checking out the Magod FallsContext of Julie checking out the waterfall

Looking down at Magod Falls from a different angle, which illustrates the limited number of ways we were able to experience itLooking down at the falls from a different angle, which illustrates the limited number of ways we were able to experience it

The picnic shelter at the end of the walkway at Magod FallsThe picnic shelter at the end of the walkway

Focused on the upper sections of Magod FallsFocused on the upper sections of the falls

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Bottom up sweep of the falls from one of the first overlooks

Top down sweep starting above the falls and ending way downstream at the rugged ravine

Direct bottom up sweep of the falls from one of the furthest overlooks

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