Hopetoun Falls

Great Otway National Park / Colac-Otway Shire / Great Ocean Road / Beech Forest, Victoria, Australia

Rating: 2.5     Difficulty: 1.5
Hopetoun Falls
Hopetoun Falls was certainly one of the more pleasing waterfalls that we visited during our drought-stricken trip to Victoria in November 2006. Like other drought-defying waterfalls in the Great Otway National Park area (such as Beauchamp Falls and Triplet Falls), this waterfall had a healthy flow and the rainforest setting was misty, green, and lush. As we were touring the Great Ocean Road, we would consistently see this waterfall appear frequently on post cards and calendars, and after having seen it in person, we could understand why this was the case, especially given its pretty satisfying 30m plunge with a classic rectangular shape.

From the little parking bay for Hopetoun Falls (see directions below), we took a very short stroll (wheelchair-accessible I'm sure) to the upper viewing deck. From here, we were able to look down at the waterfall through some foliage blocking a fair bit of the line-of-sight. It wasn't the greatest of views and it certainly left us wanting to see more. So we continued on the walking track which required us to descend some stairs until it eventually flattened out alongside the Aire River. After a short stint walking in the upstream direction alongside the river, we ended up at a lookout platform containing a bench. This was where we got the most satisfying views of the falls as shown at the top of this page.

Speaking of the Aire River, I believe this waterfall could very well have one of the most reliable flows in the Otways largely because this river would ultimately carry on with Little Aire Creek and Young Creek (i.e. the watercourses responsible for Beauchamp Falls and Triplet Falls, respectively) adding to the river as it would eventually flow into the Southern Ocean by the Bass Strait.

After having our fill of the falls, we would return to the car park after going back up the steps. Overall, we spent about 40 minutes away from the car, and we felt that we took our time while walking at a very leisurely pace.

Directions: The nearest town to Hopetoun Falls was Beech Forest. From there, head east on Beech Forest-Mtsabi Rd for about 1.3km, then turn right onto Beech Forest-Apollo Rd and follow it for about 4.5km to a small parking bay (maybe room for 4 cars or so) after rounding a turn.

There were signs at each junction, and I thought the route was pretty straightforward.

For context, the parking bay for the falls was about 20km or so northwest of the coastal town of Apollo Bay.

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About 69km west of Hopetoun Falls (12km east of Port Campbell) along the Great Ocean Road was the Twelve Apostles, which we thought was the signature attraction of the Great Ocean Road
About 7km west of Port Campbell was the London Bridge Arch, which used to look like the one in the UK, but one arch collapsed years ago and now looked like what was in this photo
About 13km west of the Twelve Apostles was an area known as the Grotto which featured a pretty accessible large sea arch
The parking bay for Hopetoun FallsThe parking bay for the falls

Sign telling us how much time we can expect to put in to see Hopetoun FallsSign telling us how much time we can expect to put in to see the falls

Obstructed view of Hopetoun Falls from the upper viewing deckObstructed view of the falls from the upper viewing deck

Walkway through tall ferns leading to the base of Hopetoun FallsWalkway through tall ferns leading to the base of the falls

There were stairs for the steepest sections of the trackThere were stairs for the steepest sections of the track

The viewing deck near the base of Hopetoun FallsThe viewing deck near the base of Hopetoun Falls

Looking at the full context for Hopetoun FallsLooking at the full context for the falls

Closer look at the pleasing Hopetoun Falls from the lookout platformCloser look at the pleasing falls from the lookout platform

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For more information about our experiences with this waterfall, check out the following travel stories.

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