Waterfalls of New South Wales

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New South Wales (NSW) waterfalls can be found as far north as the subtropical forests near the Queensland border and as far south as the Australian Alps near the Victoria border. With their differing climates, we managed to visit a variety of waterfalls that were close to towns and reasonably accessible. The state was also blessed with deep gorges yielding some of the country's tallest and most spectacular waterfalls.

In NSW's southern regions, the climate was primarily temperate so we believed that most of its rains occurred in the winter months (June through August). The waterfalls plunging off the cliffs of the Blue Mountains (such as Wentworth Falls and Katoomba Falls) required a good bit of luck and timing to see due to their small drainages. We were fortunate to see such waterfalls flow in both the spring and autumn on separate visits amidst some of the most striking backdrops in the country.

Meanwhile, there were many temperate rainforests and mountains away from the developed areas that yielded waterfalls in a combination of lush settings and deep canyons, such as the Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions. Such waterfalls included Fitzroy Falls, Carrington Falls, and Belmore Falls.

The furthest south regions of NSW was backed by the Australian Alps, which included Mt Kosciuszko - the highest mountain in the state. While in this area, we found waterfalls fed by its melting snow within its alpine forests such as Tuross Falls and Paddy's River Falls.

Going in the other direction (north of Sydney), even taller, more spectacular waterfalls awaited us. Among the waterfalls in this part of the state included those on the so-called Waterfalls Way (e.g. Apsley Falls, Tia Falls, Ebor Falls, and Wollomombi Falls among others) as well as waterfalls with a bit of history associated with them like Protestor's Falls.

Indeed, there was lots to see and do in this dynamic state. And we hope to come back here to experience more of this diversity (as well as have a little better luck with the waterflow in some instances)...

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Wentworth Falls

3.5 Wentworth Falls

Blue Mountains
Katoomba Falls

3.5 Katoomba Falls

Blue Mountains
The wispy Bridal Veil Falls at Govett's Leap

2 Bridal Veil Falls (Govett's Leap)

Blue Mountains
Kalang Falls

0.5 Kalang Falls

Kanangra Walls / Blue Mountains
Gordon Falls

1.5 Gordon Falls

Blue Mountains
The Upper Minnamurra Falls

2 Minnamurra Falls

near Kiama / Illawarra
Carrington Falls

3 Carrington Falls

Southern Highlands / Budderoo National Park
Belmore Falls

3.5 Belmore Falls

Southern Highlands / Morton National Park
Fitzroy Falls

4 Fitzroy Falls

Southern Highlands / Morton National Park
Twin Falls

1.5 Twin Falls

Southern Highlands / Morton National Park
Tuross Falls

2.5 Tuross Falls

Snowy Mountains / Wadbilliga National Park
Gibraltar Falls

1.5 Gibraltar Falls

near Canberra / ACT
Paddy's River Falls

2 Paddy's River Falls

near Tumbarumba / Snowy Mountains
Somersby Falls

2.5 Somersby Falls

Brisbane Water National Park
Ellenborough Falls

4 Ellenborough Falls

Greater Taree Region
Tia Falls

3.5 Tia Falls

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Apsley Falls

3 Apsley Falls

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
The dry Dangarsleigh Falls (or Dangars Falls)

0.5 Dangarsleigh Falls (Dangars Falls)

near Armidale / Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Bakers Creek Falls

0.5 Bakers Creek Falls

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Wollomombi Falls

2 Wollomombi Falls

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Dangar Falls

2.5 Dangar Falls

Ebor Falls

3 Ebor Falls

Guy Fawkes River National Park
Crystal Shower Falls

2 Crystal Shower Falls

Dorrigo National Park
Newell Falls

1 Newell Falls and Sherrard Falls

Dorrigo National Park
Minyon Falls

2 Minyon Falls

near Lismore / Nightcap National Park
Protestors Falls

2.5 Protestors Falls

near Lismore / Nightcap National Park

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