Nigretta Falls

Southern Grampians Shire / near Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

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Nigretta Falls
Nigretta Falls (the visitor centre lady in Hamilton pronounced it "NYE-gret-uh") was pretty much a mandatory stop for us since it was very close to and easily accessible from Wannon Falls, which we had visited prior to seeing this waterfall. Like the other waterfall, this one also flowed on the Wannon River so it wasn't surprising to see this waterfall struggling just as much as Wannon Falls. But unlike Wannon Falls, Nigretta Falls didn't plunge and it was also had a bit of a shorter drop. Moreover, it appeared that this waterfall featured more accessible fishing spots and even the ability to swim at the falls as we had noticed a developed path that led towards its base. Wannon Falls didn't seem to support these activities.

We've seen in the literature that some people refer to this waterfall as a "Little Niagara Falls", but as you can see from the photos on this page, it was far from it. Perhaps if we get a chance to come back to this place, we might be able to have a better experience where the nickname might be more appropriate (and the scenic rating score might be more reflective of how it would normally be).

For all intents and purposes, we thought of this waterfall as a roadside waterfall. Speaking of roads, the one we took to get here from Wannon Falls (see directions below) had a lot of kangaroos on the morning we showed up. Having had the misfortune of damaging a rental car from colliding with a kangaroo during a separate Australia trip earlier in the year, believe me when I say you'll want to go slow and stay alert for them. They seem to have a tendency to cross the road and hop right in front of the car in the process.

Directions: From Wannon Falls, we headed east briefly on the Glenelg Hwy then turned left on the Wannon-Nigretta Fall Rd (opposite the Morgiana Rd, which was the right turn off of Glenelg Hwy). And we followed it about 8km towards the signposted turnoff and eventually the car park for Nigretta Falls.

Alternatively from Hamilton, we could've gone straight to this falls by taking the Gleneg Hwy to the Nigretta Rd turnoff on the right. Then follow this road to the Wannon-Nigretta Fall Rd on the left and take that road to the turnoff (on the right) and eventually the car park for the falls.

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Wannon Falls was also very close to Nigretta Falls, but as you can see from this photo, it too was trickling since they were both on the Wannon River
On the Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road bound for Nigretta FallsOn the Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road bound for Nigretta Falls

A kangaroo we saw hopping across the road en route to the Nigretta FallsA kangaroo we saw hopping across the road en route to the falls

A couple more kangaroos leaving the road as we were driving byA couple more kangaroos leaving the road as we were driving by

Looking right at the trickling Nigretta Falls in the morningLooking right at the trickling falls in the morning

Closer look at Nigretta Falls showing that it was at least tricklingCloser look at the falls showing that it was at least trickling

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Nigretta Falls 
I visited the falls in 2011 and they were flowing very nicely and I got some awesome photos, one of which I have attached. You can see more at my blog- …

Nigretta Falls at full flow 
Visited in August 2010, and Nigretta Falls was flowing very well - some of the trees at the base were submerged in the river.

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