Waterfalls of Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara)

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Southern California is known for sunny weather, sandy beaches, cultural diversity, fine restaurants, Hollywood, and the list goes on and on...

Obviously, you can be occupied with any number of these things whether you live here or you're just visiting. However, this area has its share of nature and waterfalls to provide the perfect excuse to get away from the city and take a hike.

This area has waterfalls that are reasonably within a day trip from most of the greater Los Angeles area. We've been to many of these waterfalls as short half-day or full day trips on a Saturday or Sunday when we feel we needed some exercise or a break from our hectic big city lives.

This section encompasses waterfalls found as far north as Santa Barbara County, as far south as San Diego County, and as far east as San Bernardino County. Even though we're covering a lot of real estate here, like I said earlier, you'll find that a vast majority of them can be seen in a day (if you're from Los Angeles).

Want to see what our favorite waterfalls in this region are? We've compiled a Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls list!

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Eaton Canyon Falls

2 Eaton Canyon Falls

Altadena / Pasadena
Trail Canyon Falls

2 Trail Canyon Falls

near Sunland / Angeles National Forest
Millard Falls

1.5 Millard Falls

near Pasadena / Angeles National Forest
Monrovia Canyon Falls

1.5 Monrovia Canyon Falls

Sturtevant Falls

2 Sturtevant Falls

near Arcadia / Angeles National Forest
Paradise Falls

2 Paradise Falls (Wildwood Falls)

Wildwood Park / Thousand Oaks
Switzer Falls

1.5 Switzer Falls

La Canada Flintridge / Angeles National Forest
Cooper Canyon Falls

1.5 Cooper Canyon Falls

Buckhorn Campground / Angeles National Forest
Solstice Canyon Falls

1 Solstice Canyon Falls

Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains
Sycamore Canyon Falls

1.5 Sycamore Canyon Falls

Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains
Soldier Falls

1.5 Soldier Creek Falls

Crystal Lake / Angeles National Forest
San Antonio Falls

2.5 San Antonio Falls

Mt Baldy / Angeles National Forest
Heart Rock Falls

2 Heart Rock Falls

near Crestline
Big Falls

3 Big Falls

Forest Falls / San Bernardino Mountains
Rose Valley Falls

2 Rose Valley Falls

near Ojai / Los Padres National Forest
Kitchen Creek Falls

2 Kitchen Creek Falls

Boulder Oaks / Cleveland National Forest
Cedar Creek Falls

2.5 Cedar Creek Falls

near Julian / Cleveland National Forest
Mildred Falls

1 Mildred Falls

near Julian / Cleveland National Forest
Escondido Falls

2.5 Escondido Falls

Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains
A dry La Jolla Canyon Falls

0.5 La Jolla Canyon Falls

Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains
Nojoqui Falls

2 Nojoqui Falls

near Solvang / Santa Barbara County
Tangerine Falls (West Fork Cold Springs Falls)

2 Tangerine Falls (West Fork Cold Springs Falls)

near Santa Barbara / Los Padres National Forest
Tenaja Falls

1.5 Tenaja Falls

near Lake Elsinore / Cleveland National Forest
Ortega Falls

1 Ortega Falls

near Lake Elsinore / Cleveland National Forest
Holy Jim Falls

1 Holy Jim Falls

near Lake Forest / Cleveland National Forest
Newton Canyon Falls

1 Newton Canyon Falls

Malibu / Santa Monica Mountains
Temescal Canyon Falls

0.5 Temescal Canyon Falls

Pacific Palisades / Santa Monica Mountains
Fish Canyon Falls

3 Fish Canyon Falls

near Irwindale / Angeles National Forest
Hermit Falls

1.5 Hermit Falls

near Arcadia / Angeles National Forest
Tahquitz Falls

2 Tahquitz Falls

Palm Springs / Agua Caliente Indian Reservation
Bonita Falls

2 Bonita Falls

Rancho Cucamonga / San Bernardino National Forest

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