Waterfalls of Alberta

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Alberta Waterfalls, to our understanding, are primarily concentrated on its western border with British Columbia as this province's eastern region is dominated by prairies. For that's where the famous Canadian Rockies are located, and you know that when you mix mountains and glaciers, you're bound to have an abundance of waterfalls.

So it should come as no surprise that the waterfalls we've seen so far in this province are mostly dominated by our experience in its western extreme.

Prior to our visit, all I knew about Alberta were its NHL hockey teams in Edmonton and Calgary. But soon I realized that this province housed perhaps some of the most famous lakes in the world in the cluster of National Parks anchored by Banff and Jasper. So it was only natural that we had to go waterfalling in the "Crown of the Continent" to get our waterfalling fix while seeing what millions of other people have known about already.

We've also gone closer to the border with the US to Waterton Park where its ecosystem (shared with Glacier National Park in Montana) harbored a few more waterfalls (e.g. Cameron Falls and Lower Bertha Falls) as well as more lakes and mountains in a much more laid back and quieter setting than its famous parks further north.

What struck us about several of the waterfalls we've seen so far was that they had gorgeous mountain backdrops (e.g. Athabasca Falls, Sunwapta Falls, Blackiston Falls, or even Bow Glacier Falls) or were nestled in deep twisty canyons (like Johnston Canyon and Maligne Canyon). Then, there were others that were more of the precipitous mountain cascade types as well as those that required a bit of exploration away from the well-used roads like the Icefields Parkway or Trans-Canada Highway.

We hope to be able to come back to Alberta and sample more of the way-of-life, landscapes, and of course waterfalls...

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Athabasca Falls

2.5 Athabasca Falls

Jasper National Park
Bow Glacier Falls

1.5 Bow Glacier Falls

Banff National Park
Bow Falls

2 Bow Falls

Banff National Park
Sunwapta Falls

2 Sunwapta Falls

Jasper National Park
Lower Sunwapta Falls

1.5 Lower Sunwapta Falls

Jasper National Park
Silverton Falls

2.5 Silverton Falls

Banff National Park
Tangle Falls

2 Tangle Falls

Jasper National Park
Bridal Veil Falls

1.5 Bridal Veil Falls

Banff National Park
Panther Falls

2.5 Panther Falls

Banff National Park
Sideways Falls

2 "Sideways Falls" ("Big Bend Falls")

Banff National Park
Weeping Wall

1 Weeping Wall

Banff National Park
Lower Johnston Canyon Waterfall

2.5 Johnston Canyon Waterfalls

Banff National Park
The tallest of the Maligne Canyon Waterfalls

2 Maligne Canyon Waterfalls

Jasper National Park
Blackiston Falls

2 Blackiston Falls

Waterton Lakes National Park
Cameron Falls

2 Cameron Falls

Waterton Lakes National Park
Lower Bertha Falls

2 Lower Bertha Falls

Waterton Lakes National Park

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