Cameron Falls

Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Cameron Falls
Cameron Falls was a pretty easy waterfall to visit considering it was pretty much right in the town of Waterton. Although we were able to view the falls from its well developed viewing area and bridge, it was a bit cold, windy, and misty which made us perhaps be a bit too hasty taking photos and just enjoying the attraction. It also didn't help that we were here quite late in the afternoon and well into the evening.

So it was for that reason that I didn't do any more exploring for looking for other ways to experience this waterfall, and that included the walk that went up above the falls.

I had read somewhere that the falls were typically floodlit at night, but we were a bit lazy and didn't confirm that claim. Also, the falls seemed to have better light in the morning, but since we had just completed the Lower Bertha Falls hike and were on our way to Glacier National Park, we didn't take the time to take more photos of the falls in its morning state. The photo you see on these pages were all taken from the early evening in September 2010.

Directions: To get to Waterton, it's about 282km or nearly 4 hours of driving from Calgary on Hwy 2, Hwy 810, Hwy 505, Hwy 800, and finally Hwy 5. It's also about 64km from Babb, Montana (just under 90 minutes drive) via the Chief Mountain Customs station (at the US-Canada border).

Once you're in Waterton town, the key is to continue south until you see Cameron Falls Drive. Then, turn right onto Cameron Falls Drive and follow it until you see the falls from its car park. It's pretty hard to miss (especially considering how small the town of Waterton is). Just watch out for the many deer who have made this town their home as protection against predators (e.g. wolves, grizzly bears, etc.).

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Gorgeous late afternoon reflections on one of the lakes as we headed towards the town of Waterton
Entering the valley containing Waterton
The viewing area and bridgeThe viewing area and bridge

Another look at Cameron FallsAnother look at the falls. This time in long exposure

Reflections on Waterton Lake near Lake LinnetReflections on Waterton Lake near Lake Linnet, which in turn had a view of the Prince of Wales Hotel reflected in that lake.

Many deer who have made Waterton town their home to better their odds of survival in a land surrounded by their predatorsMany deer who have made Waterton town their home to better their odds of survival in a land surrounded by their predators

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Fixated on the falls

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For more information about our experiences with this waterfall, check out the following travel stories.

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Cameron Falls 
One of many beautiful scenes on my tour of the Canadian Rockies .

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