Bridal Veil Falls (near Highlands)

Nantahala National Forest / Macon County, North Carolina, USA

Rating: 1.5     Difficulty: 1
Bridal Veil Falls


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Bridal Veil Falls was certainly one of those roadside waterfalls we couldn't have missed even if we tried!

For starters, it was roadside next to a busy highway. However, it also had that rare distinction of having a short spur loop road that allowed us to drive behind it! I don't think we had ever driven behind a waterfall that neither wasn't modified by man nor wasn't passing through a manmade tunnel. I guess given this rather rare quirk about it, perhaps it shouldn't have been surprising that it was not only memorable but also immensely popular!

During the nearly half-hour that we spent at this 45ft waterfall, I couldn't count how many people drove their cars behind it. There were even a couple of folks who did the loop twice, and another guy with a guilty look make eye contact with me with his hands up in the air as he passed by (perhaps feeling a bit embarrassed that his wife made him do it).

Fortunately, drive-thru waterfalling wasn't the only way to experience Bridal Veil Falls.

There was a large pullout just beyond the small loop going behind the falls. That allowed us to park our car and do that loop by foot. The only real hazard for us was making sure not to become roadkill as well as not fill our lungs with too much soot from the particulates of the exhaust from vehicles slowly passing by.

We also happened to show up in an early Autumn afternoon when there was a rainbow in its mist as well as lots of Autumn colors. Indeed, it was definitely a fun waterfall and certainly worth a visit if you're in the area.

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A colorful look from behind Bridal Veil FallsA colorful look from behind Bridal Veil Falls
A rainbow at Bridal Veil FallsA rainbow at Bridal Veil Falls
View from the pulloutView from the pullout

Colorful trees atop Bridal Veil FallsColorful trees atop Bridal Veil Falls

Context of the highway and the small loop from behind the fallsContext of the highway and the small loop from behind the falls

A horizontal view showing a little more of the recessed area behind the fallsA horizontal view showing a little more of the recessed area behind the falls

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L-shaped sweep starting with the hwy then panning from bottom to top of the falls itself with a nice rainbow fronting it

Filming what it looks like when we drove behind the waterfall ourselves

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Highlands was the nearest town to this waterfall so we'll describe the driving directions from there. So from the Hwy 64/106 junction (where Main St turns into Franklin Rd) in the town of Highlands, we continued northwest (towards the town of Franklin) on Hwy 64 for about 2.4 miles. The loop and pullout was on our right.

For context, Highlands was about 38 miles (roughly an hour drive) west of Brevard on Hwy 64. Brevard was 35 miles (under an hour drive) south of Asheville, 47 miles (90 minutes drive) northwest of Greenville, South Carolina, and 126 miles (2.5 hours drive) west of Charlotte.

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Bridal Veil Falls Highlands, NC USA 
This is a waterfall you can drive under. A few years ago it froze over and the ice dropped onto the road, closing if for weeks. It's a beautiful fall. …

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