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More waterfalls in Transylvania County NC (this has brought my total to 42 in this place alone!) 
Still can't believe nobody knows about this part of the country so I keep posting the waterfalls I've seen of the total 276 in the county.

Great Falls in Paterson, NJ 
The power of this water fall was used in the 1790s to make Paterson the first industrialized city in the US and it helped America gain economic independence …

Kaaterskill Falls. 
The nicest waterfall I know in NYS is Kaaterskill falls in Ulster County in the Catskills. It's a two tiered waterfall with the upper falls 175 feet and …

Abundance of waterfalls in Tennessee 
Tennessee is filled with beautiful waterfalls. None are as large as Niagara Falls , though Fall Creek Falls is one of the largest east of the Mississippi. …

Bastian and Connostee Falls 
These two falls are another set of falls in Transylvania County NC (home to 276 of them). They come together and empty into one pool of water. They …

Tahquamenon Falls 
The falls for the common man.A walk-in Monument to the beauty of Michigans Upper Penninsula harkens back visions of Nick Adams and The Big Two Hearted …

Total Now 71 in Transylvania County North Carolina Not rated yet
I finally just moved here as I still at 71 waterfalls seen have 205 to go! I give waterfall tours now to the falls off the beaten path. I'm adding a …

Waterfalls in tennessee Not rated yet
OK i live in Tennessee and lived near most of theses waterfall most of my life. you needed to research where the movie jungle book was filmed, it was …

letchworth state park, new york state usa Not rated yet
we live in Israel, a country with a real lack of water....When we went to visit friends in Rocester NY they took us on a water journey..... to Niagara …

Jellystone Falls at Jellystone Camp Ground in Cleveland,GA USA Not rated yet
This is a small fall tucked into the woods at the campground. My granddaughter and I loved to play around in the creek coming from the falls, which ran …

Indian Springs Waterfall, Indian Springs, Georgia, USA Not rated yet
This is a small waterfall at the Indian Springs State Park. It's small enough for the kids to play in with supervision and just makes the campground a …

Hemmed-In Hollow from 3/21/2012 Not rated yet
Hemmed-In Hollow is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and Appalachians and I caught it yesterday flowing at full force. Actually, I crossed the …

Bridal Veil Falls, Brevard NC, Transylvania County Not rated yet
The lower Bridal Veil Falls was awesome! It was a 2.2 hike one way but easy, just remember to bring some bug spray. The flies ate me up! There were …

Bradley Falls Creek , Brevard, NC Transylvania County Not rated yet
These waterfalls are on private property. You can stay at their Bed and Breakfast and Lodge. Bradley Falls Creek Inn. …

Translvania County, Brevard, NC continued Not rated yet
The Eastatoee is on private property and Craig Miller can give you a personal tour. The Twin Falls was formerly private property owned by Bud Hinkle which …

More Waterfalls from Brevard NC, Transylvania County Not rated yet
Again I'm still amazed that I get to be the first one ever to share these with you. I'm uploading the ten waterfalls I saw today. Craig Miller will give …

Kilgore Falls Not rated yet
Located in rocks state park (Hartford county). It Is the second tallest free falling waterfall in Maryland. 17 feet tall

Turner Falls - Davis, Oklahoma Not rated yet
Here are the pictures I took of Turner Falls. This is the highest spot in Oklahoma. It is very beautiful but there were lots of visitors. The weather …

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Anna Ruby Falls
July 26, 2012, we took another hike to Anna Ruby Falls. With a heart condition, I felt a little reluctant to try it. But it's only four-tenths of a mile...[more]

Lower Falls in Rochester
This is one of my favorite waterfalls mostly because I can visit often. Sometimes I stop by on my lunch break. When the river is running high...[more]

Turner Falls - Davis, Oklahoma
Here are the pictures I took of Turner Falls. This is the highest spot in Oklahoma. It is very beautiful but there were lots of visitors. The weather was hot...[more]

Kaaterskill Falls
The nicest waterfall I know in NYS is Kaaterskill falls in Ulster County in the Catskills. It's a two tiered waterfall with the upper falls 175 feet and the...[more]

Raven Cliff Falls, Cesar Head South Carolina
I heard this was a strenuous hike. It was! You literally are going through a partial rain forest. It is misty raining half way through the trail...[more]

Visiting Waterfalls in Rochester
The Iroquois name for the Rochester area is Cas-con-sha-gon, meaning river with falls upon it." The Genesee River has three waterfalls in Rochester...[more]

Niagara Falls - It Depends on your Environmental Preference
Yes, each side has it's benefits that makes it just as good as the other side. Instead of comparing the view of the Falls however, I compared...[more]

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