Cascade de Salins

Cantal, Auvergne, France

Rating: 2.5     Difficulty: 1.5
Cascade de Salins
Cascade de Salins was a memorable waterfall to us because of its position in front of some historical-looking arched bridges.

In reality though, those bridges appeared to be nothing more than road bridges, though it was understandable to think of it as something as ancient as Pont du Gard (an ancient Roman aqueduct not far west of Avignon) given its appearance.

Neighboring structures aside, this 30m waterfall held its own in terms of scenic allure as we were able to view it from various positions throughout the trail leading from its trailhead near the D922 to the waterfall's other side after having gone behind it. In fact, it was possible to extend the hike beyond the waterfall into about an hour-long loop though we didn't do the trail beyond visible range of the falls.

The trail started its descent into the gorge after we went through a gate that was merely a few minutes from the car park. It was from the general area before the gate that we were able to get those attractive views of both the waterfall and the bridges behind it in one go.

As we descended further, the bridges started to hide from view and the shadows from within this misty shelter provided much-needed relief from the hot sun (it happened to be 32C on the day of our visit). As we explored the area behind the waterfall, we couldn't help but notice what appeared to be a spring with signage in French indicating it was some kind of Druid fountain (i.e. if I translated the sign correctly).

Directions: We left from the town of Mt-Dore and it took us under 90 minutes to get to the unpaved car park for the waterfall, which was just at the boundary of the town of Salins along the D922 leaving Mauriac. Salins is in the Cantal Department of the Auvergne region of the Center of France.

It is interesting to note that the Auvergne region is where some notable rivers are sourced. Some dramatic examples of these rivers include the Loire (think castles, or chateaux, of the Loire Valley) and the Dordogne (think Bordeaux).

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Looking up at Cascade de Salins from close to behind it
Near the car parkNear the car park

Closer look at the falls and bridgesCloser look at the falls and bridges

After the gate, the trail descends towards the back of the fallsAfter the gate, the trail descends towards the back of the falls

Julie starting to descend on the trail to get closer to the waterfallJulie starting to descend on the trail to get closer to the waterfall

Going beneath some pretty steep cliffsGoing beneath some pretty steep cliffs

Starting to get mistyStarting to get misty

Angled view of Cascade de SalinsAngled view of Cascade de Salins

A spring in the alcove behind the fallsA spring in the alcove behind the falls

Angled view of the falls from almost behind itAngled view of the falls from almost behind it

Angled view of the falls from the other sideAngled view of the falls from the other side

On the other side of Cascade de Salins looking back at both the falls and the trailOn the other side of Cascade de Salins looking back at both the falls and the trail (sentier)

Last look at Cascade de SalinsLast look at Cascade de Salins

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L-shaped sweep from the trail opposite the falls after already having gone behind it

Bottom up sweep from directly behind the falls

Focusing on the falls from the lookout as a vehicle passes over the falls proving that at least one of the arched bridges is merely a road bridge

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