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Europe Waterfalls aren't normally what one thinks about when the name "Europe" springs up. Indeed, this compact continent probably boasts the densest collection of countries and diversity of people of any continent on the planet. And with this comes a good deal of history, architecture, cultures, languages, and activities.

And while the classic European tour typically doesn't include waterfalls, we think it's a shame because the continent has its share of Nature and waterfalls that can rival other scenic natural attractions in other parts of the world. So it's with this in mind that we intend to continue exploring the continent with a healthy balance of both cultural and natural attractions (namely waterfalls and any other incidental scenic landmarks).

Thus far, we've gone waterfalling in France, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Croatia, and Greece. We've also gone waterfalling in the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Iceland, but these countries each have so many waterfalls that we gave them their own special pages on this website.

We foresee ourselves returning to Europe time and time again, and we'll be sure to fit in waterfalls no matter which country we go to whether they're waterfall sightings from Austria, Germany, Spain, etc. etc. Ah, so many places... so little time (and money)!

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Some of the waterfalls in this region were considered amongst our favorites and thus have made one or more of our top 10 lists. To see which of these lists have featured waterfalls from this region, see below!

Top 10 Waterfalls of the World

Top 10 Waterfalls in Europe

Top 10 Waterfalls in Norway

Top 10 Waterfalls in Iceland

Top 10 Waterfalls in Great Britain

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Below are the waterfall subregions that we've been to. Click on a subregion for more details about the area and its waterfalls.

Huldrefossen Norway: This Scandinavian Nation has so many waterfalls packed within its mountains and fjords that we've devoted a special section strictly for the waterfalls of this country. It's one of our favorite countries for waterfalling and you can see for yourself why this is the case by browsing through this section...

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Skogafoss Iceland: This island country is the westernmost European country as it sits right on the fiery boundary of the North American and European tectonic plates. And with this combination of fire and ice, there are a plethora of waterfalls in settings as raw and wild as the geologic forces that have made the island. Thus, we've also devoted a special section for the waterfalls in this country and see for yourself the overwhelming quantity and quality of the falls that exist here...

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Gavarnie Falls France: What? Waterfalls in this hexagonal Texas-sized country? How can it be that a country so well stocked with sights, food and wine, fashion, culture, and history that its Nature (especially its waterfalls) can be so overlooked? Indeed, after exposing you to our humble sampling of les cascades, we hope to dispel the stereotypes and provide yet more reason to see and understand why la France is one of the top (if not the top) tourist destinations in the world!

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Gradas del Soaso Spain: This country really surprised us with the quantity and diversity of its waterfalls. Prior to coming here, we couldn't name more than a handful of waterfalls on the Iberian Peninsula. But now if you browse through this section, you can find nearly 30! How can it be that a country so well known for its passion and culturally rich mix be so little known for some of the best nature (especially its waterfalls) to be found in Europe? Well, that's why we're here to help sort that out for you!

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Staubbach Falls Switzerland: This country has it all - the mountains, the charming towns, perhaps the best quality of life, and let's not forget... the waterfalls! There's a reason why Disney and Bollywood chooses to film their escapist works here. And we think after giving it a go exploring the Nature that's here, we're pretty sure you'll be smitten with its beauty just like we've been. Perhaps so much so that it might be your voice that's heard yodeling on a mountain...

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Marmore Falls Italy: Perhaps no other country identifies with its heritage quite like this boot-shaped one. So that means finding legitimate waterfalls required a bit of effort on our part, but it was well worth it as we found ourselves with a healthy mix of wow sites and WoW sites. And of course, finding Nature even in a place as well explored as this revealed many hidden treasures and surprises along the way...

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Mealt Falls Great Britain: This island really pertains more to a region than it does a country. In fact, we're really talking about three countries (England, Scotland, and Wales). And like the other famous Western European countries well known for history, this region also features many of those as well. But unlike the other European countries, this island's waterfalls have just as much clout and notoriety as its non-waterfall counterparts. After all, with all the variable weather and rain this region gets, the water has to go somewhere, right? So why not go over something as appealing and as Naturesque as waterfalls, which can be found all over the island...

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Plitvice Waterfalls Croatia: This country is making a comeback big time in tourism. And it's fortunate for us that it has not only managed to retain its charm in its towns and cities but also preserve (for the most part) some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. So far it seems that some parts of the country are on the mass tourism radar, but there are also other parts that have still escaped the crush. And it's up to you to see for yourself why we think this is one of the more charming places in Europe you'll see..

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Edessa Waterfalls Greece: In this country, you're never far from history. For you'll find yourself face-to-face with ruins thousands of years old juxtaposed with modern buildings bustling with both tourists and locals alike. And if it's not the ancient ruins, you might gaze up at Medieval cliffhanging monasteries or Byzantine fortress walls overlooking a modern city. Heck, even by some of country's waterfalls, you could find yourself visiting archaeological sites relating to these waterfalls. Indeed, it's that kind of place, and you'll have to come here to appreciate how nature and human history interact...

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Cascata Nardis Reader Submissions: We can't possibly visit every single waterfall in Europe. Fortunately, there are readers kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences by writing up their own guides for those waterfalls that we haven't been to.

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Are you researching for an upcoming trip to this region? We've got additional information concerning non-waterfall attractions, our own travel stories, reviews of books and maps, or even writeups concerning the logistics of what it takes to come here and what to expect! Check out the following links...

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If you already have a waterfall in mind that you'd like to see details about, browse the list below...


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