Having been to both sides now...

by Dave
(Watertown, NY, USA)

The New York side is MUCH better!!!

On the American side, you can park free and easily walk to areas with great views of the falls.

On the Canadian side, while I was researching my trip, it sounded like there was free parking right across the street from the visitor center, just like on the American side. When I actually drove to the Canadian side however, I found that the only parking lots near the visitor center were paid. In Canadian, they were about 20 each. You could park a long way away (five miles?, seemed like) for a flat fee of 10 Canadian.

But there was another problem. Even if I wanted to spend lots of money AND TIME waiting for a bus to backtrack several miles...the falls viewing area on the Canadian side was absolutely packed. There'd be no way a family could possibly enjoy being crammed in toe-to-toe with hundreds of thousands (estimated) people like that.

On the American side, there were lots of people also. But the density was a lot lower. It felt more like a typical tourist destination, rather than the total chaos of the Canadian side.

And, from what I could see...the view is just as good on the American side.

What's missing from the American side is all the cheesy tourist traps. If nothing else, that reason ALONE makes me feel foolish that I ever chose to go to the Canadian side.

The American side is better. MUCH better. Now that I've seen both sides, I'll be taking my family back (when the kids are older) to the American side...and I won't bother trying to cross the border at all, except for riding Maid of the Mist.

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Jan 24, 2011
Don't try to go to Canada if you have a DUI
by: Anonymous

You better check about the DUI laws in Canada, even if you got the ticket in the US. They will not let you cross.

Jul 27, 2010
Best Views of Niagara Falls
by: Waterfall Lover

I feel that the views of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side are better as it allows you to see the whole panorama much better, which is why most people make a big deal about the Canadian side. However, my favorite vantage point is probably on the American side from Goat Island. That is a view that most do not try and really should. Also, the Cave of the Winds tour that goes to the base of the falls is probably one of the best vantage points too. This is only accessible from Goat Island too. If you really want to experience Niagara in an awesome light I highly suggest this. In 2000, the price of the Cave of the Winds tour was 5 dollars. Great price.

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