Hipuapua Falls

Halawa Valley / Maui County (Molokai Island), Hawaii, USA

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Hipuapua Falls seen from the air
Hipuapua Falls is the other of two major waterfalls at the head of Halawa Valley.

So far, we have only been able to satisfactorily view this gorgeous 500ft waterfall from the air. We were hoping to see this from the ground, but we were told by the folks running the Halawa Valley Cultural tour that it was much harder to hike there than to Moa'ula Falls. Given that it was more of an "intense" experience involving stream hiking and awkward boulder scrambles (as described by the guide), the flash flood danger was too great when undertaken in the Wet Season.

Now I understand that in the past, they have led people to this waterfall, which would be something I'd look forward to. However, they would only consider doing it during the Summer when the flash flood danger is relatively low. And like the Moa'ula Falls hike, it crosses through private property (so the tour would be necessary) and that it would be a 4.5-mile round trip hike.

If we were to do a combo hike involving this waterfall and Moa'ula Falls, I'd imagine the tour would go longer into the afternoon since Hipuapua Falls would be on a separate spur trail.

So given that we couldn't get close to this waterfall, we were able to get distant views of the falls as we self-drive into Halawa Valley from the overlook, and we were able to see the falls from various angles on a helicopter tour of West Maui and Molokai.

Directions: The would-be hike to this falls shares the same excursion as that of Moa'ula Falls. So see that page for directions.

As for helicopter tour directions, we'll punt you over to the Honokohau Falls page since the tours start from the airport area in Central Maui.

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Hipuapua Falls seen from a distance
The context of Hipuapua Falls as seen from the air
Looking into Halawa Valley backed by the tall Hipuapua Falls in the distanceLooking into Halawa Valley backed by the tall falls in the distance

This was as much of the falls as we would see on the Cultural Hike to Moa'ula FallsThis was as much of the falls as we would see on the Cultural Hike to Moa'ula Falls

Looking down at Halawa BayLooking down at Halawa Bay

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For more information about our experiences with this waterfall, check out the following travel stories.

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