Waterfalls of Oahu

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I once heard of Oahu (or O'ahu) as being referred to as "town and country." For it is here at the capital isle that urban development and a more relaxed country atmosphere coexist.

On the town part of the island in its south lies the historic Pearl Harbor as well as Honolulu and Waikiki. Here, you'll find a happening area full of high rise resorts, nightlife, and a world famous beach. But not far from the development are some lovely waterfalls such as Manoa Falls as well as Maunawili Falls.

On the country part of the island on the north and east shores, the atmosphere is more laid back thanks to its smaller towns as well as a thriving surf culture. In fact, on one of the beaches on the north shore (at Waimea Bay), they hold the Eddie Aikau Invitational which only takes place when waves exceed 35ft in height! You'll also see towns and valleys backed by towering fluted and wrinkly cliffs (or pali) that have attracted Hollywood for many years. And it is amongst this backdrop that you'll find the island's most beautiful waterfalls in Waimea Falls and Sacred Falls.

In fact, one of this island's waterfalls cracked our Top 10 List of Hawaiian Waterfalls. So which one made the list? Click the link to find out!

Although Oahu has many waterfalls, there are only a handful of them that you can visit. This is because several of them involve crossing through private land or exerting a tremendous amount of effort and risk to get to. The waterfalls I'm showing here were the ones we were able to visit so we presume that they would also be the ones you are most likely to see if you look for them.

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Manoa Falls

2 Manoa Falls

Honolulu / Waikiki
Maunawili Falls

1.5 Maunawili Falls

near Pali Lookout
Waimea Falls

2 Waimea Falls

North Shore
Sacred Falls viewed from the air

4 Sacred Falls

Kaluanui State Park / near Laie
Likeke Falls

1 Likeke Falls

near Pali Lookout
Kapena Falls

1 Kapena Falls

Honolulu / Waikiki
Waikahalulu Falls

0.5 Waikahalulu Falls

Honolulu / Waikiki
La'ie Falls

1 La'ie Falls

The waterfall at Jackass Ginger Pool

0.5 Jackass Ginger Pool

near Pali Lookout

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