Twin Falls

Hana Highway (Maui Island), Hawaii, USA

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The first main waterfall we saw at Twin Falls
Twin Falls is a pair of waterfalls (at least) that for one reason or another we never bothered to visit either because we overlooked them or because we ran out of time.

That was until we finally decided to save this waterfall for last when we took our time doing the Hana Highway as an out-and-back two-day excursion (an option that was more attractive thanks to the Big Island earthquake in 2006 that blocked off the road going all the way around East and Southeast Maui).

The falls were on private land, but they were open to public use (donations welcomed). It was the first waterfall stop on the Hana Highway when heading from north to south (or the last waterfall stop when going the other way). The car park was spacious, and there was a food stand selling fresh local fruit during our visit.

More ditches to walk As for the trail to the falls, we had to follow a 4wd path with some balancing along ditch walls. Otherwise, it was very straight forward and easy up to what I'm calling the Lower Twin Falls (i.e. the first of the "twins"; see photo above). It took us around 15 minutes or so each way from the car park to this falls.

Then, we continued further (after all, there must be its twin, right?) where we scrambled up a pretty steep path (but in hindsight, there was an easier more sloping path, which we figured out on the way down) to get above this falls and then continue onwards. Some spur trails to the left go to the top of the falls, where we saw some daredevils jump off the top of the lower waterfall to the plunge pool below.

Anyways, at the top of the climb, the trail got a bit more primitive. After an additional 5 minutes or so of walking, we descended spur trails leading to what I'm calling the Upper Twin Falls. Though only 10-15ft tall, this one's got a wide and inviting plunge pool and seemed to be a bit less busier than the lower waterfall.

Finally, on the return from the Twin Falls back to the trailhead, there was a hidden cascade with a rope swing and a plunge pool favored by locals for swimming. I only went looking for it because I heard some rushing water in the bush somewhere. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known it was there. Anyways, this hidden waterfall was accessed by several slippery (muddy) downhill spur paths that started showing up on the right hand side of the trail just minutes after passing the concrete ford on the way back to the trailhead.

Note that I have to apologize for the substandard photos. The DSLR camera was accidentally dunked in saltwater earlier that day so only Julie's camera was available for use.

Directions: Twin Falls is hard to miss. Just past the 2-mile post is a large car park, a food stand, and a trail gate.

I don't recall what their hours are, but I know when we've gotten early starts to the Hana Highway drive (usually before 7am or 8am, I think), they weren't open. When we finally visited this place, it was around midday (having driven back north from Hana).

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Another look at that first Twin Falls
The Upper Twin Falls (or second waterfall that we managed to spot)
The big car parkThe big car park; as you can see, there was enough room to accommodate a few big tanks (i.e. SUVs and trucks).

The wide trail to the fallsThe wide trail to the falls

Some balancing required on ditches like thisSome balancing required on ditches like this

Still more balancing on ditches further along the wayStill more balancing on ditches further along the way

It was entertaining watching the indestructible young folks plunge off the top of the first waterfallIt was entertaining watching the indestructible young folks plunge off the top of the first waterfall

A relatively hidden cascade just off the Twin Falls TrailA relatively hidden cascade and pool just off the main trail

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