Hamragardar / Southern Ring Road, South Region, Iceland

Rating: 3     Difficulty: 1
Gljufurarfoss (Gljúfurárfoss; I think is pronounced "GLYOO-fir-owr-foss") was a waterfall where I had to be content with obstructed views due to its rather hidden position behind a mini narrow slot canyon. I actually tried to brave the cold water and wade my way into the misty confines of the waterfall's base, but the stream was so cold and the mist that my feet and ankles couldn't handle the pain. Plus, the intensifying mist the closer I got didn't help my cause either. I probably barely lasted a dozen steps before I had to chicken out.

I believe this waterfall is translated to mean "canyon river waterfall," but I've also seen people refer to this as the "spooky" waterfall. Given that there was quite a bit of the falls that wouldn't be revealed to us, I guess I could see why it sparked those kinds of associations.

Due to its proximity to Seljalandsfoss, it's often overlooked (it looked like tour buses didn't stop long enough to allow you to walk to this waterfall and back). So it's fairly easy to have a peaceful experience at the falls if you're content to just see glimpses of it from closer to the road. But at least there's that option to get closer to the falls if the conditions were right and/or the numbing temperatures could be tolerated.

Directions: Drive towards Seljalandsfoss, but then continue another 800m on route 249 to the smaller car park for Gljufurarfoss.

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Full context of Gljúfurárfoss from the car park
Looking over someone camping between Gljúfurárfoss and Seljalandsfoss, which is the one in the distance past the tent
Julie near the opening of the slot canyon concealing most of GljúfurárfossJulie near the opening of the slot canyon concealing most of Gljúfurárfoss

Getting closer to the spooky slot canyon of GljúfurárfossGetting closer to the spooky slot canyon of Gljúfurárfoss

Wading in the icy water to get closer to GljúfurárfossWading in the icy water to get closer to the falls

Another look at Gljúfurárfoss with a photographer setting upAnother look at the falls with a photographer setting up

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Bottom up sweep of the falls hidden behind the slot

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