Waterfalls of the Northwest and Northeast Regions

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The Northwest Region (Norðurland vestra) and Northeast Region (Norðurland eystra) featured a mix of wild and unspoilt Nature while still being on the tourist radar for many visitors to the country though to a far lesser degree than say the Golden Circle or the Southern Ring Road in South Iceland. I've read from the literature that it also tended to be sunnier on this side of Iceland though our experiences certainly made us doubt that claim.

That said, there was definitely no shortage of attractions in this part of the country. Among some of the scenic highlights included the tidal rock with some natural arches in it called Hvítserkur, the beautiful lake Mývatn, the sharp peaks of Öxnadalur valley, and even the geothermal features at Krafla and Námaskarð.

However, the waterfalls in this region definitely packed a punch. The region featured perhaps the most powerful waterfall in Europe in Dettifoss, but the canyon it belonged to Jökulsárgljúfur (now absorbed into the vast Vatnajökull National Park) also featured three other major waterfalls on its main river including Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss. And with the lands being protected, you get to witness Nature's raw power without any intervention from people.

Further to the west, there was also the historical yet beautiful Goðafoss as well as a waterfall that dove right into the ocean at Ketubjörg.

Indeed, the rewards were definitely there for those seeking to venture out this way, and the waterfalls definitely provided that convenient motivation to just do it.

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4.5 Dettifoss

Jokulsargljufur, Northeast Region

3.5 Goðafoss

Myvatn District, Northeast Region

4 Ketubjörg

Skagafjordur, Northwest Region

2.5 Aldeyjarfoss

Sprengisandur, Northeast Region

2.5 Hafragilsfoss

Jokulsargljufur, Northeast Region

3 Selfoss

Jokulsargljufur, Northeast Region

2.5 Urridafoss, Katlar, and Rettarfoss

Jokulsargljufur, Northeast Region

2.5 Holmafossar

Jokulsargljufur, Northeast Region

1 Stekkjarfoss

Vatnsdalur, Northwest Region

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