Iceland's forgotten beauty queen

by Sander Lelieveld
(Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands)

Dynkur, the waterfalls upstream of Gullfoss, are easily seen as een more beautiful than Gullfoss. However, it is not as easy to get there. You need a decent 4x4 and some guts to make it to the western shores, for those who are less courageous there is a somewhat easier eastern view (though not as easy yet), offering you the possibillity to even stand beside her, and walk around as close as you will ever get.

Dynkur is located here:,-19.194102&spn=0.012433,0.038581&t=h&z=15

Western side can be reached by taking the 4x4 track starting at road 32 where it goes up to Haifoss. From there one can take Gljufurleit, a mountaintrack that leads passed Tjorsa river, up to the Kerlingarfjoll mountains. A beautiful trip. With a few nasty rivercrossings.

Pictures of the waterfalls (more available on request,

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