Orinduik Falls

Ireng River, Potaro-Siparuni Region, Guyana

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Orinduik Falls
Orinduik Falls was included as a throw-in for our day tour to Kaieteur Falls. It was a waterfall that contrasted Kaieteur in many ways.

For starters, this was a wide, multi-tiered series of cascades. There were plunge pools beneath the horizontal expanse of the Ireng River beneath these cascades so it allowed us to swim or soak to cool off from the tropical heat. After landing at a nearby airstrip, we were guided to a house where we had an opportunity to change into swimwear while leaving behind our belongings that we didn't want to get wet.

In terms of this day tour that we were on, I guess the thinking was that since Kaieteur Falls was more of a look-but-don't-touch waterfall, this one was a bit more interactive, so to speak. So beyond that, there wasn't really not a whole lot more to this waterfall - especially when it was the follow-up act to the great Kaieteur Falls.

Given the width of the falls, perhaps the most comprehensive view that we were able to get was from the air. It was only from the air that I was able to show the entirety of the falls in one shot.

On the ground, it was difficult to photograph the entire waterfall so we had to pick and choose how we wanted to compose it in our photographs. The photo on the top of this page was probably my best effort at showing the waterfall's extensive width as well as its layered appearance.

The falls flowed on the Ireng River not far from the Brazilian border in an area that was more of a savannah than the vast carpet of rainforest on the Guyana Shield at Kaieteur. The river eventually would join up with the mighty Amazon River in Brazil. The name of the falls was said to be based on the Amerindian word for a type of native plant in the area.

Directions: Since we were able to do Orinduik Falls on the same excursion as for Kaieteur Falls, read this page to get a sense of the logistics we had to consider to make this trip happen.

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Long exposure photograph focusing on a particular attractive portion of Orinduik Falls
This was the widest photo of Orinduik Falls that I could get from the ground, and there were still more of the waterfall to the left of this spot as well as further upstream
The rainforest expanse as we flew from Kaieteur to OrinduikThe rainforest expanse as we flew from Kaieteur to Orinduik

Our first look at the impressive Orinduik Falls as we were about to land the planeOur first look at the impressive Orinduik Falls as we were about to land the plane

Aerial view of Orinduik Falls as we got closer to the airstripAerial view of the falls as we got closer to the airstrip

Walking towards a house where we could get changedWalking towards a house where we could get changed

Walking to Orinduik FallsWalking to the falls

Right at the base of Orinduik FallsRight at the base of the falls

People at Orinduik Falls ready to cool offPeople at the falls ready to cool off

A pretty contextual look at Orinduik Falls from a little further downstream of its plunge poolA pretty contextual look at the falls from a little further downstream of its plunge pool

Direct view of Orinduik Falls from much further downstreamDirect view of the falls from much further downstream

Looking towards more of Orinduik Falls at its far left sideLooking towards more of the falls from its far left side

Looking back at Orinduik Falls and a local that followed me hereLooking back at the falls and a local that followed me here

This was the part of Orinduik Falls where most of the people on our tour were chilling out and cooling offThis was the part of the falls where most of the people on our tour were chilling out and cooling off

This was the twin propeller plane that we flew onThis was the twin propeller plane that we flew on

Approaching the city of GeorgetownApproaching the city of Georgetown

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Sweep of the wide cascading waterfall near the Guyana/Brazil border

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For more information about our experiences with this waterfall, check out the following travel stories.

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