Waterfalls of Venezuela

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The Venezuela Waterfalls that we've seen or know about are primarily gushing behemoths nestled in steamy equatorial jungles of the Guyana Highlands. These tropical forests punctured with towering plateaus and mountains seem to be magnets for rain, which drains into rivers that carve a very ancient landscape that (not surprisingly) have dramatic drops creating dramatic waterfalls.

Indeed earlier explorers and writers who have seen this unique place firsthand have inspired the moniker the "Lost World" (Mundo Perdido) as some parts (especially the cloud forests atop table mountains known as tepuys) are so untouched that it's easy to imagine dinosaurs still living there.

The crown jewel of waterfalls (and the country's number one tourist attraction) is Kerepakupai-merú, which is more familiarly known as Angel Falls (Salto Ángel in spanish). Even a trip to this world wonder, which is the tallest waterfall in the world, will yield other waterfall sightings, and they barely scratch the surface of what can be seen and experienced in this very important sanctuary of nature.

In fact, there are a good deal of giant blockbuster waterfalls that few have heard about outside of Venezuela. We hope to be able to come back here and experience more of this scenery.

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Angel Falls

5 Angel Falls

Canaima National Park
One of a cluster of Canaima Lagoon Waterfalls

3.5 Canaima Lagoon Waterfalls

Canaima National Park
The Happiness Pool

1 "Happiness Pool"

Canaima National Park
Sapo Falls

3 Sapo Falls and Sapito Falls

Canaima National Park
One of the ephemeral waterfalls of Auyantepuy

2 Auyantepuy Waterfalls

Canaima National Park

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