Mystery Painting. Is it of Lauterbrunnen?

by Rosie Lee

Lauterbrunnen painting?

Lauterbrunnen painting?

Spotted a picture on your website.

I am so sure thanks to you that I have finally found the mystery location of an old painting that has been in my mothers family for years. They migrated to Australia in 1855 from Hallgarten in the Rhinegau (then Prussia).

Curiously, one sister of my great grandfather supposedly ran off with an Italian, was disowned, sailed for Italy, the ship sank, and she was never seen again. Quite a story!

Last year my dogged research found out the truth..she married a Swiss man, not an Italian, they moved to Maryborough in Queensland and they had one child. However their trail ran cold until I went to see an exhibition of Eugene Von Gerraud in the Queensland art gallery last weekend.

There was a work bearing a striking resemblance to my mothers old painting. It was of Terni, in Italy, and my google search has now led me to Lauterbrunnen!

There is no one alive in the family now who can say for sure, but I am so excited to think what looked so fanciful to us all is actually a real place !!

What do you think ?? Am I right??

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Feb 28, 2012
Straubbach Waterfall Painting
by: Anonymous

It is just amazing. And even more amazing is that now I have also found another painting, on the Christies website, that looks to have been painted at the same location, even complete with people in the same clothes, the trees, the house and view.(although an angle slightly lower down)

Completely different styles but exact location no doubt about it and I would bet painted at the same time even given the people and their positions. The Dusseldorf School of Art, established in 1700s, painted as true to nature as possible, and they were also called the Nazarenes as they saw faithfully honoring nature evoked a spiritual experience. You would have to say in this instance they have succeeded in spades !!

Thanks to the WWW (Wonderful Wide World) open window .. and your love of waterfalls ! and people following their passion

Feb 28, 2012
It bears a strong resemblance...
by: World of Waterfalls

The painting certainly bears a strong resemblance to the Lauterbrunnen Valley (check that, a VERY strong resemblance due to that mountain the back of the valley and the snowy mountains on the topleft [representing Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau?]).

However, but I can't be totally sure since there are probably a handful of other glacial U-shaped valleys in the Alps (maybe not just in Switzerland, but I'm sure in Austria as well) that can also be this location. So I haven't moved this comment over to the Staubbach Falls page due to this uncertainty.

Still, it's amazing to see an instance where life imitates art spanning generations (or more accurately the timelessness of Nature and its natural beauty)! Incredible!

Thanks so much for sharing!

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