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Oregon encompasses a surprising variety of attractions and activities. It has got beautiful stretches of relatively undeveloped coastlines, drier (even desert-like) areas in the rainshadow of the Cascade Range, windsurfing & kitesurfing at Hood River, and of course, waterfalls. Its main city of Portland is often touted as one of the Nation's most livable cities as it features very progressive (especially when compared to California) policies towards development, almost nonexistent traffic congestion (again by California standards), and it's an easy day trip away from the picturesque Oregon Coast, some of the active volcanoes of Southern Washington, the famous Columbia River Gorge, and even Silver Falls State Park. The state also has the incredible Crater Lake National Park. We could easily see ourselves living here except for the well-earned reputation of being very rainy, which we managed to experience for ourselves while visiting this state.

Speaking of the rain, it's perhaps no coincidence that this state seems to harbor a disproportionate amount of seriously legitimate waterfalls (like Multnomah Falls and Latourell Falls as well as waterfalls you can walk behind (like South Falls and North Falls). You'd be hard pressed to not suffer from waterfall fatigue in places like the Columbia River Gorge and Silver Falls State Park (where the vast majority of the waterfalls in this page come from). Plus, waterfalls that would've been a big deal in much of California seem to get lukewarm responses in Oregon.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, it's hard to ignore the plethora of waterfalls and other natural attractions the state has on offer. Thus, we can easily envision ourselves returning here time and time again...

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Multnomah Falls

4.5 Multnomah Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Latourell Falls

3.5 Latourell Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Elowah Falls

3.5 Elowah Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Horsetail Falls

3 Horsetail Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Ponytail Falls

2 Ponytail Falls (Upper Horsetail Falls)

Columbia River Gorge
Wahkeena Falls

2 Wahkeena Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Bridal Veil Falls

2 Bridal Veil Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Triple Falls

3 Triple Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Middle Oneonta Falls

1 Middle Oneonta Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Wahclella Falls

2.5 Wahclella Falls (Tanner Creek Falls)

Columbia River Gorge
Metlako Falls

2 Metlako Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Punch Bowl Falls

1.5 Punch Bowl Falls (Punchbowl Falls)

Columbia River Gorge
Starvation Creek Falls

2.5 Starvation Creek Falls

Columbia River Gorge
Shepperd's Dell Waterfall

1.5 Shepperd's Dell Waterfall

Columbia River Gorge
White River Falls

3 White River Falls (Tygh Valley Falls)

Tygh Valley
South Falls

3.5 South Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Lower South Falls

3.5 Lower South Falls

Silver Falls State Park
North Falls

2.5 North Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Upper North Falls

2 Upper North Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Middle North Falls

3.5 Middle North Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Lower North Falls

1 Lower North Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Winter Falls

2 Winter Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Twin Falls

1 Twin Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Drake Falls

1 Drake Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Double Falls

2 Double Falls

Silver Falls State Park
Silver Falls

2.5 Silver Falls

near Coos Bay
Golden Falls

2.5 Golden Falls

near Coos Bay
Waterfall at Cape Meares

1.5 Oregon Coast Waterfalls
Proxy Falls

3.5 Proxy Falls

Three Sisters Wilderness
Sahalie Falls

2.5 Sahalie Falls

Willamette National Forest
Koosah Falls

2.5 Koosah Falls

Willamette National Forest
Salt Creek Falls

3.5 Salt Creek Falls

Willamette National Forest
Vidae Falls

2 Vidae Falls

Crater Lake National Park
Watson Falls

3 Watson Falls

Umpqua National Forest
Lower Oneonta Falls

3 Lower Oneonta Falls

Columbia River Gorge

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