The Top 10 Best Australia Waterfalls

Mitchell Falls
It's not easy to put together a Top 10 Best Australia Waterfalls List because it's completely subjective and limited to each person's experience with the falls being named. It was especially difficult for this country as we had a very extensive survey of waterfalls throughout the land down under. So it wasn't surprising that there were simply too many beautiful waterfalls and we had to make some very tough choices. In any case, this list is based on our own personal experiences so you know it's a genuine list. However, it is by no means a permanent list and it's sure to change as we continue to visit more falls from Australia. It could even dramatically change if we're fortunate to re-visit some of the drought-affected areas, especially if such waterfalls didn't score so well on our first visit. So without further adieu, here they are in reverse order...

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[West Coast Council / near Rosebery, Tasmania]

10. MONTEZUMA FALLS [West Coast Council / near Rosebery, Tasmania]
It could very well be the tallest permanent waterfall in Tasmania, and we definitely had to earn our visit with a three-hour return walk on a track that was once used as a causeway to haul mining goods, but we saw that the forest has recovered nicely since the place was re-purposed for hiking. And with its reasonably close proximity to some of Tassie's wildest places (including Cradle Mountain), it was certainly one waterfall that stood out to us on a trip that was affected by drought. Adding to the atmosphere of this falls, we even got to experience it from a scary swinging suspension bridge!

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[Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New South Wales]

9. TIA FALLS [Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New South Wales]
Of all the waterfalls we visited in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, only this waterfall had a healthy and voluminous flow when so many others seemed to be either struggling to flow or were dry. Whether it was by circumstance or good land management that it sat in a very good drainage where most of its catchment remained uncleared and intact, the result was undeniable as you can see in this photo. Oh and by the way, the waterfall also exhibited power, height, and the precipitous gorge scenery to earn a place on this list.

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[Mt Field National Park, Tasmania]

8. RUSSELL FALLS [Mt Field National Park, Tasmania]
This curtainous multi-tiered waterfall was perhaps the most popular one in the state of Tasmania. It certainly caught the eye of early visitors since it was also the centerpiece of the first national park in the Island State. With friendly walks amongst giant gum trees and a chance to see wallabies along with another waterfall further upstream in Horseshoe Falls, we spent plenty of time here (in fact we visited twice on the same day) to see the falls in its best light. And the end result was great photos like the one you see here as well as yet another refreshing back-to-nature experience. So based on all these things, we just had to give it room on our regional top 10 list.

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[Grampians National Park, Victoria]

7. MACKENZIE FALLS [Grampians National Park, Victoria]
This resilient waterfall of over 30m was withstanding some of the harshest drought-ridden conditions in the country, which we witnessed firsthand during our visit to the southeast of Australia in 2006. And given the fires that took place in Grampians National Park, we witnessed the falls being graced with kangaroo tails growing in the vicinity. Indeed, despite all the water problems here, it was easy to forget that waterfall was still beautiful in its own right despite the miracle that it still flowed as well as it did. So for its resilience along with its obvious beauty amidst such difficult conditions, this was an emphatic choice for belonging on our list of Top 10 Australia Waterfalls.

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[Girringun (Lumholtz) National Park, Queensland]

6. BLENCOE FALLS [Girringun (Lumholtz) National Park, Queensland]
Situated in the Herbert River Gorge deep in the Outback of Queensland, this very remote waterfall was the centerpiece of the reality show "Survivor." And true to its claim to fame, we had to earn our sighting of this falls as we risked our rental car on some pretty rugged high-clearance 4wd roads to even get that far into Survivor Country. But once we got there, this unique and remote waterfall, with its 90m plunge followed by a 230m cascade, made us realize that the adventure was well worth it as well as very memorable. Thus, it belongs on the list.

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[Morton National Park, New South Wales]

5. FITZROY FALLS [Morton National Park, New South Wales]
This impressive escarpment-leaping 120m waterfall in New South Wales' Morton National Park was a popular attraction. It was so popular that not even rain stopped us from sharing the experience with dozens of other tourists. And it was no wonder with its scenic position as it framed a deep and lush valley when viewed from near its top. Not to be outdone, we also appreciated its towering size when viewed directly from one of the more distant lookouts further downstream. And just a few minutes walk further was another set of waterfalls called Twin Falls to round out the experience. Indeed, Fitzroy Falls was well worth the visit, and it had enough going for it to make our top 10 list of Australia Waterfalls.

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[Greater Taree Region, New South Wales]

4. ELLENBOROUGH FALLS [Greater Taree Region, New South Wales]
This was one waterfall where we went on a bit of an unexpected adventure to see, but in the end, we were treated to a towering 200m falls decorating the head of the Ellenborough Gorge. Indeed, this was one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in Australia, and it also had the scenic vertical backdrop to boot. With many overlooks allowing us to see the falls from several angles plus a viewpoint at its misty base and all while connected by a visitor-friendly walk with interpretive signs, this excursion presented one of the more enjoyable experiences in the country and clearly made our regional top 10 list.

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[Kimberley Region, Western Australia]

3. MITCHELL FALLS [Kimberley Region, Western Australia]
Deep in the remote red rock wilderness of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, this multi-tiered waterfall easily made our top 10 list. Adding to the gorgeous scene were the deep red cliffs framing and contrasting the white of the plunging Mitchell River. Plus the fact that nature dominated out in this remote part of the Outback further assured us that beautiful places do like this do indeed exist, but you either had to be adventurous enough to be willing to rough it on 4wd to get here, or be willing to burn a hole in your pockets to do a flight/hike day trip for this waterfall. Fortunately, we did have that second option, and indeed, we were richly rewarded with an unforgettable experience amongst unforgettable scenery.

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[Girringun (Lumholtz) National Park, Queensland]

2. WALLAMAN FALLS [Girringun (Lumholtz) National Park, Queensland]
Located deep in the UNESCO World Heritage Wet Tropics Area, this was said to be Australia's tallest single-drop permanent waterfall at 268m. Viewable from numerous positions across the gorge at the top and from its misty base after a walk through some of the world's oldest rainforest, it was fairly easy for us to enjoy the falls as well as catch a rainbow or two. Add to this the lush and precipitous gorge scenery of the surrounding area and we had ourselves quite an experience at one of the country's must-see attractions. We weren't lucky enough to spot endangered cassowaries, water dragons, and platypus among others here, but the falls alone was worth making the detour to get here!

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[Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory]

1. JIM JIM FALLS [Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory]
Plunging off an escarpment in the hot and humid UNESCO wilderness of Kakadu National Park, this waterfall just edged out Wallaman Falls for the top spot. With its 200m height amongst colorful cliffs, the falls was indeed an awe-inspiring sight. Even though we needed to time our visit for either the Wet Season or the beginning of the Australian winter (dry season at the Top End), it was also the perfect waterfalling excuse for us to witness all the Aboriginal history, the scenery, the wildlife, and of course the character of this falls. Indeed, we couldn't help but consider this one our favourite Australia Waterfall of all.

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