The Top 10 Best New Zealand Waterfalls

Sutherland Falls

It's not easy to put together a Top 10 Best New Zealand Waterfalls List because it's completely subjective and limited to each person's experience with the falls being named.

This list is based on our own personal experiences, and it's is sure to change as we intend to make more trips to Middle-Earth to experience more of the country's superb nature and of course its waterfalls. While it was certainly hard to pick just 10 waterfalls, you can find out about New Zealand's other waterfalls in A Guide to New Zealand Waterfalls, which you can buy
here. So without further adieu, here they are in reverse order...

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10. MT DAMPER FALLS [Taranaki, North Island]
Mt Damper Falls
This 74m waterfall nestled deep in the King County region not far from aptly-named Forgotten World Highway is a pleasant surprise and worth the trouble to see. It's considered one of the North Island's tallest waterfalls and offers breathtaking bush and white cliff scenery away from the usual crush of the tourist-beaten paths.

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9. BRIDAL VEIL FALLS [Waikato, North Island]
Bridal Veil Falls near Raglan
This picturesque 55m plunging waterfall is worth the detour between Hamilton and Raglan on the North Island. The falls can be experienced from its brink, from its scenic profile, and from its base. The well-maintained walking track to take in the falls in the various ways makes it easy to access. Indeed, it's waterfalls like this that remind visitors why New Zealand is the place to be when it comes to nature.

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8. WAIRERE FALLS [Bay of Plenty, North Island]
Wairere Falls
This skyscraping waterfall with a towering drop of 153m is so tall that it can be seen from the Waikato Plains on its approach. You can view the falls directly from an overlook or test yourself by climbing to its top where there are regal views of the Waikato Plains expanse. In either case, it's one of the most impressive waterfalls in the North Island and is also very popular.

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7. HUKA FALLS [Taupo, North Island]
Huka Falls
What this waterfall lacks in height, it more than makes up for in sheer power and character. This underdog waterfall features a powdery blue/turquoise color thanks to the mineral rich Waikato River and a thunderous roar that is easily viewable from both sides of the river.

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6. MAROKOPA FALLS [Waikato, North Island]
Marokopa Falls
This wide, classical, rectangular-shaped year-round 30m waterfall is easily accessible and also quite misty. While most tourists come to this part of the Waikato Region to see the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, this waterfall further to the west is one of the North Island's more reliable and picturesque waterfalls, and should also be on everyone's itinerary.

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5. BOWEN FALLS [Fiordland, South Island]
Bowen Falls
Situated in the impossibly beautiful Milford Sound, this gorgeous 161m waterfall also benefits from bush-clad mountains serving as a backdrop. You can get frontal views of this waterfall on one of the popular Milford Sound Cruises. You used to be able to get close to the waterfall by taking a short tramp to its base.

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4. STIRLING FALLS [Fiordland, South Island]
Stirling Falls
Plunging off a hanging valley between the Elephant and Lion Mountains deep in the Milford Sound, this 155m waterfall makes the upper half of this list. While visible in the distance from the Milford township, you can literally get up close and personal (getting drenched in the process) with this waterfall from one of the popular Milford Sound Cruises.

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3. HUMBOLDT FALLS [Fiordland, South Island]
Humboldt Falls
This giant 275m waterfall is one of Fiordland National Park's better kept secrets. Known mostly to trampers setting out on the Hollyford Track or self-driving holiday-makers taking a detour from the Milford Sound, this waterfall epitomizes the spectacular bush scenery nestled amongst majestic peaks so prevalent in this remote part of the Southern Alps. There's also a companion waterfall about half its size to add to the drama and awe of the scene.

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2. DEVIL'S PUNCHBOWL FALLS [Canterbury, South Island]
Devil's Punchbowl Falls
With a towering drop of 131m amidst the stunning alpine backdrop of the Southern Alps, it is the star attraction of the rugged Arthur's Pass National Park. Given its range of ways to experience the falls (you can get close to the falls or get a nose-bleed view from across the valley), it was a no-brainer to include this mighty cataract in our regional Top 10 of Best New Zealand Waterfalls.

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1. SUTHERLAND FALLS [Fiordland, South Island]
Sutherland Falls
***World's Top 10*** This gorgeous 580m waterfall is easily New Zealand's most spectacular waterfall. Given its remote location deep in the wild and beautiful Fiordland National Park (also a World Heritage Area), it's one of many highlights of the Milford Track - said to be one of the finest walks in the world. In fact, this waterfall is so spectacular that it also makes our World's Top 10 List.

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World of Waterfalls: An Emotive Journey
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