The Top 10 Best Norway Waterfalls

The Seven Sisters and Friaren
It's not easy to put together a Top 10 Best Norway Waterfalls List because it's completely subjective and limited to each person's experience with the falls being named. This list is based on our own personal experiences, which makes it different from most other lists you see in the internet. Even with that said, picking just 10 waterfalls out of the plethora of superb waterfalls that could easily get on any other country's Top 10 List really says something about the quality of waterfalls found in this Scandinavian country! Indeed, it was still difficult to whittle down the countless neck-breaking Norway Waterfalls to this list so we really had to strain to pick the ones that stood out the most. However, despite our struggles, we managed to do it (albeit controversially). Plus, I'm still holding out hope for a return trip to the country to see more waterfalls as well as some of its iconic and famous scenic attractions that we missed the first time. If we're so fortunate to have this return trip, I'm sure this list is bound to change some more! So without further adieu, here are the best of Norway's Waterfalls in reverse order...

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[Geirangerfjorden, Møre og Romsdal]

10. THE SEVEN SISTERS [Geirangerfjorden, Møre og Romsdal]
By itself this waterfall may seem like an ordinary set of segmented waterfalls, but when you consider that it sat in arguably Norway's most beautiful fjord and it was accompanied by numerous other major waterfalls including Friaren, Ljosurfossen, Bringefossen, and more, then it becomes understandable why this waterfall deservedly would stand on this list over others that were similarly rated. We were certainly impressed by the scenery as well as the waterfalls on our fjord tour, and judging by the quantity of people crowding the boat sharing the experience with us, it was pretty clear that we weren't the only ones looking to be tranced by the beauty of this fjord and its falls. Oh yeah, the fjord's inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage Site didn't hurt its case to sit on this Top 10 list, either!

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[Flåmdalen, Sogn og Fjordane]

9. KJOSFOSSEN [Flåmdalen, Sogn og Fjordane]
This waterfall was our highlight of the famous Flåm Railway. But there was more to this train ride than just this waterfall with the dancing ladies braving the mist to put on a show for the rail riders like us. After all, the valley Flåmdalen featured other waterfalls such as Rjoandefossen and countless other waterfalls all up and down this valley. It was also possible to use the railway to knock off half a downhill bike ride or half of a long downhill walk all the way back to the first (or last) station! Indeed, there's a reason why this waterfall and the railway are famous as well as an integral part of the Norway in a Nutshell tour, and we think the notoriety was certainly deserving in this case!

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[Eidfjord, Hordaland]

8. VØRINGSFOSSEN [Eidfjord, Hordaland]
Quite possibly Norway's most famous waterfall, it was an exercise-in-compromise as it was allowed to flow freely during the summer tourist season. Fortunately for us, Julie and I happened to be here when it was flowing, and what we saw was a multitude of segmented waterfalls all converging at the head of the steep gorge of Måbødal Valley (Måbødalen). Indeed, we found this falls to be both breathtaking and unusual at the same time. And our experience was varied as we were able to experience this waterfall in a couple of ways - a top-down view from the Fossli Hotel, then an in-your-face view from one of the lower overlooks. Catch the falls in the right light (like we were fortunate to have done) and rainbows will form amongst the convergence of mist.

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[Åmotan, Møre og Romsdal]

7. LINNDALSFOSSEN [Åmotan, Møre og Romsdal]
Including this waterfall into the top 10 list was difficult because there were two other outstanding waterfalls (Svøufossen and Reppdalsfossen) in the Åmotan area, where we found this mammoth 280m plush gem! In fact, we would be nuts not to visit the other two waterfalls for this place was well known for this rare convergence of these three waterfalls, each of which sat on their respective rivers. It's conceivable that there could be more waterfalls in the area that we didn't have the time to explore nor know about. In any case, it was only when we saw these waterfalls (culminating in Linndalsfossen after a somewhat moderate walk) did we have this dilemma where we were faced with choosing just one of them to go on this list. Indeed, it's beauty saturation at its best!

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[Husedalen, Hordaland]

6. SØTEFOSSEN [Husedalen, Hordaland]
This gorgeous two-tiered waterfall was the fourth and uppermost of the beautiful waterfalls of the Husedal Valley (Husedalen). Of course I'm singling out this waterfall because this is my subtle way of making this a four-in-one waterfall entry as I think it's worth doing the entire hike up the valley to take in the other three major waterfalls (Tveitafossen, Nyastølsfossen, and Nykkjesøyfossen) just to get to this "sweet" waterfall. Besides, on its own, this one's got unique shape and power, and getting up to this waterfall which is tantalizingly close to the vast, skyscraping, and snowy Hardanger Plateau (Hardangervidda) made me feel like I was amongst some otherworldly beauty.

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[Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag]

5. HENFALLET [Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag]
Waterfalls such as this are usually reserved for the dramatic scenery of the fjords and mountains of Western Norway. However, we made a long detour to the eastern side of the country to witness this thick and picturesque 90m waterfall, which was the tallest in the Sør-Trøndelag county just a few hours from the charming city of Trondheim. Although we didn't seize the moment to do it, we could have used this waterfall as a great excuse to detour to the UNESCO World Heritage historical town of Røros and see something a bit out-of-the-way of most tourist itineraries. In addition to its size, the sheer power and volume of this falls also made it a memorable sight as not too many waterfalls this tall can flow with such power.

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[Utladalen, Sogn og Fjordane]

4. VETTISFOSSEN [Utladalen, Sogn og Fjordane]
This was said to be the tallest unregulated singular free-leaping waterfall left in Norway at 275m. Situated in the Utladal Valley (Utladalen), which itself was draped with numerous waterfalls (including at least two other major ones - Hjellefossen and Avdalsfossen), it took Julie and I about 3 hours to make the out-and-back hike to this natural beauty. As a matter of fact, I had read that Utladalen featured the largest concentration of unregulated and wild waterfalls in the country. And even though we only saw a handful of such waterfalls (including the three mentioned earlier), we were quite glad that we took the effort to come out this way `as it left a big impression on us and easily made the top 10 list of Norway Waterfalls.

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[Gjesdal, Rogaland]

3. MÅNAFOSSEN [Gjesdal, Rogaland]
This gorgeous yet powerful 90m waterfall in Rogaland county was easily one of Norway's best. Allowed to flow freely as an unregulated waterfall, we definitely had to watch our step in order to peer over a sheer cliff and get a mindblowing view of this plunging waterfall like in this picture. We were lucky to see the falls under sunny skies, and the timing of our visit was just right as an arcing rainbow appeared right before the falls. Indeed, we thought this was probably the finest waterfall in some of the country's wildest scenery in the southern sections of its world famous fjords. And for that reason, we just had to give this waterfall its props on this Top 10 Norway Waterfalls List.

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[Eikesdalen, Møre og Romsdal]

2. MARDALSFOSSEN [Eikesdalen, Møre og Romsdal]
This towering 655m waterfall could've easily disappeared like some of the other of Norway's tallest waterfalls. However, with a little compromise, this waterfall was allowed to flow during the Summer tourist season, which we were fortunate to have timed our visit for such an occasion! And boy were we impressed in a way that reminded us of some of the towering waterfalls to be found in Yosemite Valley. However, the difference here was that these Norwegian counterparts (like Mardalsfossen) would typically have year-round flow if left unregulated, which was something most of Yosemite's waterfalls can't even claim. In any case, this exercise in compromise was a good thing though sometimes we wonder what might have been had it still been allowed to be one of the tallest and most majestic year-round waterfalls in the world (potentially earning this waterfall a #1 spot instead of #2)!

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[Etne, Hordaland]

1. LANGFOSS [Etne, Hordaland]
It was difficult to come up with a standout waterfall in Norway as so many of them were big and beautiful. In fact, more than half of the waterfalls on this list were rated 4.5 out of 5, which demonstrates the level of quality of the Norwegian waterfalls. In any case, we ended up picking this falls to top this list because it towered over the Åkrafjord at 612m, its unregulated flow made it wide and thunderous, and it scenically dropped into the fjord viewable from many positions. Indeed, this waterfall just edged out Mardalsfossen for the top spot just based on the fact that it was wild and free. Let's hope it can remain that way as many others of this size have disappeared in the country due to hydroelectricity.

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