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    My Glen Aulin Backpacking Trip
    My most successful backpacking trip was from Tuolumne Meadows to Glen Aulin with my two sons, my nephew, my oldest son's friend, and two of my best...[more]

    The Tragedy of Sacred Falls
    Prior to the Mothers day landslide that killed 8 people and injured 50 others, on Mothers Day of 1999, Sacred Falls State Park was my favorite hike on this Island...[more]

    It bode ill. "I can't remember the last time it rained," the man in Devonport had said. And there I was looking forward to photographing waterfalls. Things change though;...[more]

    I like this web site
    I visited a lot of water falls around the world, and since I'm from a desert country I miss the green and blue colors which I can see in the green or forests or lakes...[more]

    Lower Falls in Rochester
    This is one of my favorite waterfalls mostly because I can visit often. Sometimes I stop by on my lunch break. When the river is running high...[more]

    Jungle Rudy's
    I am 88 yrs old now, but when I was 50 (about?) my husband flew us in our Bonanza to Jungle Rudy's where we landed in the fields...[more]

    Norway Family
    When my father was alive, his family in Norway contacted him, stating that he had a lot of family there. His father came to the states at age 17 by himself...[more]

    Courtallam (Kutralam) Waterfalls-South India's most natural spa
    It has medicinal qualities, popularly called as the "Spa of the South." I visited the falls many times with family earlier and taken bath...[more]