Lost Falls

Yellowstone National Park / Park County, Wyoming, USA

Rating: 1.5     Difficulty: 1.5
Lost Falls
Lost Falls (also called Lost Creek Falls) was a pretty 40ft waterfall that sat quietly in a shadowy forest setting a very close to Roosevelt Lodge. I don't think this waterfall was on most tourists' radar amongst the attractions in Yellowstone National Park given that it was mostly us on this trail all alone. However, we enjoyed the serenity though Julie was a bit concerned that a trail with this little traffic might also increase the chances of a grizzly encounter (whether this was unfounded or not).

We happened to see this waterfall flowing pretty lightly. Thus, I doubted that it would last that far into Summer. Considering we came here in late June 2004, it might be best seen during April or May depending on the snow pack.

As for the hike itself, it was about 0.3 miles from the Roosevelt Lodge and Cabins area to the waterfall. The trail was unmarked (which might further explain why it went unnoticed my most visitors), but we did notice there was a signboard where the trail forked left. We made sure we took that fork and didn't mistakenly take the trail to Lost Lake (on the right).

In a short few minutes of shaded hiking, we were at the official end of the trail where we got somewhat subpar views of the waterfall. To get a decent view, we had to do a little scramble amongst the steep and loose talus slopes down towards the creek before crossing it and getting right at its base.

Directions: You first need to get to the Roosevelt Lodge at the Tower-Roosevelt Junction on the Grand Loop Road near the northeast section of the park (a little over 18 miles north of Canyon Junction, or 28.6 miles from the park's northeast entrance, or about 18 miles east of the Mammoth Junction). Once you find parking in the Roosevelt Lodge area, you walk behind the lodge towards a large signboard where the description given above can be followed.

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This pair of bear cubs caused quite the traffic jam in the Roosevelt area
Dark view of Lost Creek Falls from the end of the official trailDark view of the falls from the end of the official trail

The major bear jam at RooseveltThe major bear jam at Roosevelt

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