Yellowstone Travel Stories

Grand Prismatic Spring
Welcome to the Yellowstone Travel Stories. Within these pages, you can read selected stories and musings about our waterfall-themed adventures in Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully, you'll find these storiess entertaining and educational. Perhaps you might get a good laugh at our expense, or you might find some nuggets that you can apply to your own travels.

Thumb through the travel storiess below. They are arranged chronologically with the most recent escapade at the top. Enjoy :)

The base of Terraced Falls (25-June 2004 to 26-June 2004)
Can I Make It Back Up?
: Now that I was at the bottom of the cliff, I was really worried that I might not make it back up. The scramble was steep and the footing was slippery. I sure hoped those fallen trees hanging onto the gully could support my weight on the way up. Then, the dark thunderclouds ominously loomed above threatening to wet the cliff and prevent me from going up. The Falls River almost covered the entire canyon floor I was in. Clearly I could go nowhere without getting into the water. Then, with a roar of thunder, I quickly abandoned any thought I had of trying to get a decent shot of Terraced Falls from its base and just took the photo that was available. Another roar of thunder ensued, and I hurriedly made my way back up the cliff. The whole time I kept thinking to myself, "Can I make it back up?"...

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descending into Sheepeater Canyon (21-June 2004 to 24-June 2004)
Caught in the Open in a Lightning Storm
: So Julie and I merrily hiked along this mostly flat trail, which lasted the first 2 miles. We didn't really pay attention to the fact that the skies had suddenly went from fine weather to ominous and foreboding as dark thunderheads quickly overtook us. Then, we started to hear thunder. Along with the thunder, we started to see flashes of lightning suddenly popping up in the sky with alarming frequency. I was amazed at how quickly it went from sunny and fair to the lightning show we were now experiencing. Then, I quickly realized the danger we were in when I noticed there wasn't anything but grass and low-lying bush around us on the trail. With the lightning flashing with such frequency, I wasn't sure what we should do... [read more]

Julie on the scary rock above Terraced Falls (18-June 2004 to 20-June 2004)
The Near Fall
: As Julie was enjoying her lunch atop the scary rock, I joined her on the rock so I could take photos of Terraced Falls with the wide angle lens attached. I was getting butterflies in my stomach as I tried to position myself to take the photograph. I made sure I stayed away from the sloping edge that dropped right into the falls below. And Julie kept her eyes on me to make sure I didn't get too far out. Then, I pointed my camera down towards the falls, but suddenly the wide angle lens dropped from the camera... [read more]

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