Virginia Cascade

Yellowstone National Park / Park County, Wyoming, USA

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Virginia Cascade
Virginia Cascade was an attractive cascade that tumbled noticeably on the Gibbon River in a densely forested canyon. As you can see from the photos on this page, it wasn't easy to get a clean look at the falls given the thickness of the foliage. We also weren't able to find a way to get a closer look as it didn't seem to have an official trail leading into the canyon closer to the falls.

The falls was said to tumbles some 60ft though it certainly looked significantly taller than that, especially when you compare the size of the waterfall in the photos to the neighboring trees. And since it was on the Gibbon River, I believe it would have year-round flow. The impressive flow shown on the photos here were taken during our late June 2004 trip in the morning, which resulted in quite a few shadows.

We were able to view this waterfall on the two-mile, winding, one-way Virginia Cascade Road. Since there didn't seem to be an official lookout or designated best spot, we really had to pay attention to the road as well as the waterfall itself. And do all this in an effort to pull over the car so we wouldn't block traffic but also so we could get out of the car and walk towards a decent view. The convenient places to park or at least pullover weren't obvious, which is why I'm emphasizing this point in this write-up.

That said, I recalled we were able to find a particular pullout (very informal) not far from where you can see the falls from the road. Only then did we walk along the road a short distance to get that photo you see above on this page. That photo, by the way, was about as good a photo spot as we could find.

Directions: Look for the Virginia Cascade road, which leaves the Grand Loop Road at about 1.7 miles east of the Norris Junction (or 9.9 miles west of the Canyon Junction). The road exits and rejoins the Grand Loop Road about 3.6 miles east of Norris (or 8 miles west of Canyon).

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Close to the Virginia Cascade Road turnoff is the Norris Geyser Basin.  This photo here was taken from the Porcelain Basin portion.  Guess how it got its name.
Even though Norris was geothermally active during our visit, the geysers weren't predictable.  So none of them went off as we had hoped.  Instead, we got intriguing pools like this one at the Echinus Geyser
Our first look at the Virginia CascadeOur first look at the falls

Zoomed in view of Virginia Cascade as we walked around looking to improve our viewsZoomed in view of the falls as we walked around looking to improve our views. Somehow it didn't seem like we succeeded in doing that.

Contextual view of Virginia CascadeContextual view of the falls

Towards the end of the Virginia Cascade loop road, we saw this elk grazing right next to the one-way roadTowards the end of the loop road, we saw this elk grazing right next to the one-way road

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