"Quaking Aspen Falls"

Yosemite National Park / Tioga Road, California, USA

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The so-called Quaking Aspen Falls
"Quaking Aspen Falls" is a name I made up for this roadside waterfall on the Tioga Road (Route 120). The name came from the Yosemite Road Guide, which discussed quaking aspen corresponding to the pullout where this waterfall could be seen.

I reckon this waterfall doesn't flow too far into the Summer since it's completely fed by melting snow from a drainage that doesn't cover a very large area. In any case, this is merely a roadside attraction and worth a brief stop to get out of the car, stretch, and smell the alpine air of Yosemite's High Country.

Not much more that can be said (as far as I was concerned, at least) about this waterfall.

Directions: While driving Tioga Road (Route 120), look for a pullout by signpost T16. This pullout is roughly 3.6 miles east of Yosemite Creek (signpost T15) and roughly 2 miles west of the North Dome trailhead (signpost T19)

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