1973 Alpena falls

by Thomas Malley
(Manila Philipines)

In 1973 I was only 18 in the Navy than station on Wapahu panisula. Some friends of mine took me here. One was a Navy seal. There was a cliff about 30 feet at that time you could jump off. They told me that the water pool below was a lava tub and that it could not be measures than how deep it was. My two friends were fearless and dove in head first, me I jumped feet first and froze with my arms out and when i hit the water my arms hit my head. I went almost 15 feet under water and back then there were no houses upstream, so the water was really clear. From 15 feet down i could see the surface. First time i jump that high and the last time. My arms hurt for several minutes but were ok, just a smart sting. But it was a great place than in 1973.

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