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2006-11-02 14:02 - Headed to Southeastern Australia

My wife and I leave for Sydney on a very involved four-week trip to southeastern Australia that includes Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, and the waterfalls as well as other scenic attractions along the way.

Unless we have Wi-Fi internet (so we could use our laptop), the chances are slim that you'll be seeing any updates to this website until at least after December 1.

In any case, I'm worried about our waterfall viewing prospects for this trip considering the miniscule rainfall and prolonged drought this part of the country (especially the region from Canberra to Melbourne) has suffered. To get an idea of how bad the drought is, they already had a slew of bush fires throughout southeast Australia in October, which is like saying we'd get wildfires across Southern California in April.

But drought or not, we're headed down under once again. It's not like we're going to cancel our trip now.

Wish us luck, and I hope to greatly expand the Australia pages when this trip and all the post-trip organization is done.

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2006-11-26 14:03 - Oz Update

It's now late afternoon (about 6:30pm) in Devonport, Tasmania on Sunday 26-November. So far from what we've seen, even this state did not escape the drought that made most of Australia bone dry - and consequently frustrated us in our waterfall hunting.

Even with that said, the Tassie Waterfalls were flowing for the most part. We couldn't say the same for Victoria and South Australia.

There are heaps more to talk about - from global warming, to what's been on the news (also related to global warming, elections, and the Iraq War), ecological hardships in Oz, our trip experiences, etc.

I'll try to get to them when I get around to updating the website when we get home. There will be heaps of things to do in the mean time so please bear with me with the updates.


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