911 experience at Escondido falls

by Chester Tan
(Glendale, CA)

The hike is not for everyone. For all the would be hikers of the Escondido canyon/falls please be advised to wear shoes with good traction soles esp if you plan to hike to the higher tier of the falls.

Only this Sunday past, it was an unfortunate site to witness a girl slip and twist her ankle while trying to descend from the top, around the area where the ledge is narrow and you need to hold on the rope to either climb up or down the pathway.

She was screaming and crying and it took a good while before the paramedics on foot reached her because of the distance and the tricky climb.

So please be careful with the loose rocks and soil, and try to be mindful of the people below to avoid stirring dusts and kicking dirts onto them.

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