A Short Testimonial of Waterfalling

by Bryant J. Abbott
(Semmes, AL.)

First off, I would like to personally thank you for creating such a wonderful website full of beautiful scenery, luscious vegetation, and, of course, magnificent waterfalls. I would also like to thank you for sharing your personal experiences, as it really helps to grasp what you guys are visualizing and experiencing.

Reading through your website, only briefly, has captured my undivided attention, and sparked a sense of wonder within me. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, nature, and waterfalls. In 2011, I had the chance to visit Little River Falls (located in Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama). Since then, I've been two more times during different parts of the year--winter and spring--each with different results. When I initially viewed the falls and traversed the terrain that is Little River Canyon, it boiled up a wonderlust. I would love to share the photos and/or videos with you guys if you'd like, so that maybe y'all can put it on your list of falls to see! It may not compare to some of the amazing destinations you have been to, but each set of falls has their own uniqueness about them, I believe :)

I've also had the opportunity to video and photograph (using an iPhone) some falls in Tennessee and North Carolina, including Mingo Falls! Beautiful country up there, no doubt. I recently searched some ideas for future honeymoon destinations (New Zealand is at the top of that list), and your website popped up yet again. I came across Sutherland Falls in New Zealand, and briefly read over you guys' honeymoon experience... it was amazing! Certainly a top destination on the list, now. I messaged you guys mainly to express my sincere gratitude of the shared experiences and great pictures, but also to say that it is now my goal in life to visit most, if not all, of the locations y'all have visited. Waterfalls are truly wonderful, and I hope to experience and see what you all have had the chance of seeing. At 24 living in Mobile, AL., and a recent graduate of the University of South Alabama, my desire to see the world has been catalyzed, in part, because of your site.

I will be sure to share my stories and experiences with you all in the coming weeks, each with a different story. Thank you so much for the virtual experience!

Take care,


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