A True Odyssey (to a mysterious waterfall)

by Wayne Hunter
(Acworth, Georgia, USA)

In the summer of 1989 I was preparing to leave Hawaii after 5 years of service.

A CLOSE friend and I took a farewell trip to Kauai. As part of the package I paid for an inclusion that was rather hefty in cost.

After an incredible one hour helicopter tour of the entire island we arrived back at the heliport where the other couple in the rear were disembarked and two rather large samoan looking individuals loaded a rather large basket and other items into the rear and hopped in as well.

The pilot took off and where he was headed I still do not know because it seemed he wasn't into doing a beeline for our UNKNOWN drop off.

The pilot finally landed in a small clearing and the two heavyweights in the back to the basket and other items and disappeared down a trail. The pilot instructed me that he was supposed to return in two hours but he would be back when he got back.

He also stated that there was not another human nearer than 20 miles (or some other large distance). he stated that he would buzz us before coming in later on that day.

We followed the trail and passed the two sumo wrestlers on our way to a small but substantial dock sitting alongside a large lagoon. Falling into the lagoon was a beautiful waterfall that must have been at least 120 feet.

This place was secluded and we took advantage of this for a full 6 hours. The large flat boulder in the center of the lagoon seemed as if it was made for lovers. It was an absolute once in a lifetime event that I will never forget.

Seems that years later it was on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous television show. It would be nice to know where this actually was on the island of Kauai but I have yet to this day found out.

If anyone knows of this place please let me know. I heard that this optional side trip was did away with shortly after our trip due to environmental concerns. What a day!


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