Abundance of waterfalls in Tennessee

by Elrod
(Maryville, Tennessee)

Tennessee is filled with beautiful waterfalls. None are as large as Niagara Falls, though Fall Creek Falls is one of the largest east of the Mississippi.

What makes Tennessee's waterfalls so beautiful is the surrounding scenery. The Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau are some of the most lush regions in the United States. Thousands of species of flora and fauna surround hundreds of waterfalls in Tennessee.

Here's a great link to landforms in Tennessee, including waterfalls (and arches and caves). It is organized by county with directions to reach them. Enjoy!


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Aug 26, 2009
States With The Most Waterfalls
by: Anonymous

So far, I know that California, New York, and North Carolina contain some of the largest numbers of waterfalls and also some of the most captivating. What other states am I missing that may contain almost as many waterfalls?

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