Amazing Experience (Eaton Canyon Falls)

We took our family on a hike to see Eaton Canyon Falls in June 2009. On the hike we saw many interesting animals like a blue tailed skink lizard, frogs and a water snake. It was the most amazing feeling to swim in clear water and to stare up at this beautiful waterfall. Then to turn around and be staring at huge hills with a dry desert landscape. I just couldn't get enough! Take at least 2-3 bottles of water each. There are a few shady spots to cool off. It was hot when we started off at 2pm. The falls was so refreshing. It was awesome to jump right into the cool water. There was about 10-15 people. One young man was just playing his acoustic guitar softly. It was so romantic. I would highly recommend taking a day with the family to go see Eaton Canyon Falls .

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