Anchor Bay Water Fall

by Gauranga

view from the other side of the cove

view from the other side of the cove

view from the other side of the cove
close up of water fall
water fall, beach and stairs
view from stairs down to cove

I was traveling down HWY 1 a while ago on my way back to Berkeley and was hoping to go see Alamere Falls on the last day of my drive back as i always wanted to see a water fall that is on the beach.

It was predicted to be raining that day and i really wasn't up for walking through the cold rain and back again so i accepted that i would miss out on seeing it. So it was the second to last day of the drive back and i decided to stay at a little place called Anchor Bay at the camp grounds (mainly full of giant RV's).

It was a great day and i decided to go for a walk/swim/exploring around the cove. It was almost high tide when i was there. I saw a small little beach in the north of the cove with no path to it so i decided to go on an adventure to get there. I made it to the cove with some swimming, rock climbing and with my camera in my water proof bag plus a snack. When i made it around to the small secluded beach to my surprise i saw a water fall. It was a real shock, i had looked up all of the falls in the area and seen it on any of the maps on the websites about water falls. I took some pics, had my snack and walked up the set of stairs that leading up the cliff.

Yes a set of stairs precariously set into the cliff face. The stairs are owned by a private inn located on the cliff above the water fall. Once up the stairs i ran into one of the owners of the Inn. He was a little shocked to see me as i wasn't staying at the Inn. I told him my story and we had a good chat about the area and the water fall.

Apparently it flows most of the year. GPS location according to google earth is Latitude 38°48'10.28"N Longitude 123°34'57.71"W. Haribol!!!

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