Angel Falls as amazing as imagined

by Pam Orisek
(Santa Cruz, California)

My husband and I visited Angel Falls years ago and I will never forget that trip.

We flew in commercial on a 737. It was in early summer and CLEAR and the falls were full, which is rare, so he flew us by the falls at 1200 ft and at slow speed, then turned around and flew by again!!! just to give all of us a close up look.

Amazing and no it was not an american airline naturally.

What was even more amazing was the flight we took in a small junker of a Cessna I hired from a vendor at Camp Canaima, the gold mining village one stays in when visiting the falls.

For a pittance we were able to fly all around, slowly, and in front of the falls at low altitude and see the wreck of Jimmy Angels plane on top, utterly unforgettable - Camp canaima was fantastic in itself as it looks out at spectacular, low but massive and very wide horseshoe falls (name?)- the camp and our tent cabin looke right out on these falls and was suffused by the sound.

We also took a boat ride to the base. The water is clear red from mineral infusion. It is possible to take a canoe to the base of "angel falls as well but we did not instead hiked to yet another small, hidden beautiful fall where we swam.

Truly was the trip of a lifetime and one that remains on the top of our quite extensive hit list.

Pam and Bruce Orisek, Santa Cruz, California

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