Another Way to Witness Tarawera Falls

by Steve Peake
(Auckland, NZ)

There is another way to witness Tarawera Waterfalls. By far the best way is via water taxi across Lake Tarawera. This deposits you at the lakes outflow where a good track broadly follows the river until the river begins to vanish. It is wonderfull geology and delightful native forest.

Eventually you descend the cliff face until you witness the river re-emerge half way down the rock face.

Everyone else takes the long drive route through the lower forest.

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Sep 15, 2017
Quickest way to the falls
by: Lorri

is definitely the drive from Kawerau. Yes, one could go via water taxi from the Rotorua side, but once 'deposited' at the outlet, you would have a walk of anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on age and fitness level. Granted, this was IS beautiful, but if you're short on time, or short of physical stamina, then the drive through from Kawerau IS the way to go.

Oct 04, 2008
The Lake Tarawera Route
by: World of Waterfalls

Thanks for posting the alternative way to see Tarawera Falls.

Indeed, we ended up taking the most common approach, which you've pointed out. I'm sure going via the lake would be gorgeous. On a sunny day, I can even imagine Mt Tarawera serving as a stunning backdrop of the mighty lake.

Plus, during the hike, you'd probably get to see more of the stream making its way through crevaces and cracks within the cliff before it seemingly shoots right out of it near the bottom. This is a perspective most visitors don't get to see!

Do you have a photo of the water taxi or hike that you wouldn't mind posting?

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