Asia: When is the best time to visit Thailand?

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When is the best time to visit
Thailand and Southeast Asia - especially its waterfalls?

We can say that there are two distinct seasons - the dry season and the monsoon season. This is not unlike the division of seasons you might hear about in India as well as throughout Northern Australia.

The dry season (which is when we went) spans the months of December through March. This is considered the "cool" season which consists of typically dry days and often sunny skies. The heat and humidity tend to be lowest at this point, but given all that, the waterfalls tend to diminish as the season progresses.

The wet season spans the months of June through August or September. This is considered the monsoon season which typically involves consecutive days of heavy rain as well as stifling heat and humidity. The monsoons typically results in flooded rivers and swollen waterfalls, but it also leads to muddier conditions, more mosquitoes, and even leeches. And as you'd expect, the waterfalls get replenished this time of year as well as many crop harvests.

Dry season is a good time to visit ThailandTo best optimize the combination of good waterflow in waterfalls and good weather, we think December and early January are the best months for a visit to Southeast Asia. Of course, this is also the most expensive time to visit as everyone else thinks the same way plus it's also the holiday season.

Now there are regional weather variations within Thailand itself (like it's generally warmer in the South and cooler in the mountainous North), but the wet and dry season patterns hold throughout.

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