Northern Territory Waterfalls (Australia)

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Most of the Northern Territory's (NT) waterfalls are concentrated in the tropical northern regions of the state. Just by looking at the map above, you can see why they call this part of Australia the Top End. In any case, with these waterfalls, timing is everything as the optimal times to see the waterfalls is a moving window between the monsoonal downpours of the Australian Summer and the availability of access roads when floods subside and saltwater crocodiles leave in the Dry Season (typically the Australian Winter). However, you can still see the waterfalls by air if access is prohibited. We were able to demonstrate this when a late season cyclone kind of forced our hand and we had to deal with persisting Wet Season conditions.

That said, the most easily-accessible waterfalls are found in Litchfield National Park about 90-120 minutes south of Darwin. Here, you'll find a series of waterfalls with inviting pools to swim in (if estuarine or saltwater crocodiles aren't around). Some of the popular waterfalls in this park include Florence Falls and Wangi Falls.

The World Heritage Area of Kakadu National Park features the state's most spectacular waterfalls. If your timing is right, you can visit the base of Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. However, aerial views of these waterfalls are also available if time or access is limited. However, you can experience a wonderful self-touring alternative at Gunlom Falls where "Crocodile Dundee" was filmed.

Speaking of Crocodile Dundee, we felt that this state embodied the Australian Outback experience. The Aboriginal heritage is strong here and you could drive for several hours with nothing around you! In fact, some of the roads in this state didn't even have speed limits (though the kangaroo roadkill on the side of the road might make you think twice about gunning it)! Indeed, what's a better way to experience the Outback than with a waterfalling excursion in these sacred lands? Check out the waterfalls below to see what I mean...

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Gunlom Falls in Kakadu National Park 2.5 Gunlom Falls
Kakadu National Park

Aerial view of Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park 4.5 Jim Jim Falls
Kakadu National Park

Twin Falls 3.5 Twin Falls
Kakadu National Park

Double Falls tumbling towards Death Adder Valley 2 Double Falls
Kakadu National Park

Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park 3 Florence Falls
Litchfield National Park

Tolmer Falls in Litchfield National Park 2.5 Tolmer Falls
Litchfield National Park

Late afternoon view of Wangi Falls 3 Wangi Falls
Litchfield National Park

Tjaetaba Falls 1 Tjaetaba Falls
Litchfield National Park

The seasonal Robin Falls 1.5 Robin Falls
Adelaide River

Edith Falls (Leilyn) and its giant pool 1 Edith Falls

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