Slippery Falls

Slippery Falls

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Slippery Falls is that waterfall that I almost confused with Pelverata Falls.

It sits across the valley from the Pelverata Falls Track, but I think you'd still need a strong zoom lens to photograph it. The views are most open from the rocky stretch, but I recalled it was also viewable from further along a more tamer part of the track (it's just that you have to look between and above trees getting in the way). According to the "35 Walks to Waterfalls in Tasmania" book that I picked up at a local visitor centre in Geeveston (I think), there was another way to get to this waterfall, but its access was said to be difficult and from a different trailhead.

I reckon that whether this falls is noticeable or not from the Pelverata Falls Track depends on whether there's enough flow to see it (despite its conspicuous location). It definitely looked like there was more to the falls that was I was able to capture here as the falls sloped its way towards the basin at the bottom of the gorge.

Directions: This falls shares the same trailhead (at least the way I saw it) as the Pelverata Falls. See that page for more details on directions.

For that closer access, I'll have to refer you to the local book I bought by Raelene and Rod Newell ("35 Walks to Waterfalls in Tasmania").

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