South Australia Waterfalls

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South Australia waterfalls (SA) were something that we didn't really think would exist, especially when you're talking about a state that's said to be the driest on the contient. But with a little pre-trip research and a visit, we were surprised to have been able to visit four of them. And for a state that was known for wineries, festivals (it was apparently known as the "Festival State" after all), and Kangaroo Island, the waterfalls were really excuses for us to try to experience more of these other things. Using the state's capital city of Adelaide as a base, we were surprised at how close these attractions (including the waterfalls) were!

Unfortunately during our November 2006 visit to the area, it was during a severe drought. So the drought combined with the already dry climate (as South Australia was known to be the country's driest state) adversely impacted all of our waterfalling experiences. Only one waterfall (the Waterfall Gully) out of the four that we visited was flowing. So Julie and I are due for a return trip under wetter conditions.

Indeed, like our experiences in Victoria, it felt like the timing wasn't on our side. Thus, I'd imagine that our waterfall experiences might be more of an anomaly than the norm (we hope). Assuming the drought the country was facing isn't permanent, you can probably expect to have a better waterfall viewing experience than what we've encountered.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

Waterfall Gully 1.5 Waterfall Gully
Adelaide Hills

Ingalalla Falls 0.5 Ingalalla Falls
Second Valley Forest Reserve / Normanville

Hindmarsh Falls 0.5 Hindmarsh Falls
near Victor Harbour

Morialta Falls Morialta Waterfalls
Adelaide / Morialta Conservation Park

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