Western Australia Waterfalls

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The Western Australia waterfalls (WA) can be categorized into two categories - Northern WA and Southern WA. The state was big enough that the climate varied dramatically between these regions. The result was a waterfalling experience that was very different as we went from the Outback regions of the far north in the Kimberley and Pilbara to the temperate forests of the Southwestern part of the state.

In the north, the waterfalls depended on the monsoonal rains of the Wet Season (i.e. the Australian Summer). The general pattern was that they'd gain most (if not all) of their moisture from the tropical downpours during the Wet, and then the drainages would flow until their water supply runs out as the Dry Season progressed. The pattern would repeat itself the following Wet Season as the waterfalls would once again experience the heavy tropical precipitation once again. Like the waterfalls in the tropical Top End in the Northern Territory, seeing these waterfalls depended heavily on when and how the Wet Season would behave. In our experience, we were actually helped by a late-season cyclone in May 2006, which helped our June 2006 visit by keeping alive many of the seasonal waterfalls to be found in this region. Some of the more dramatic waterfalls that we came across here were Mitchell Falls and King George Falls. Then, there were surprising waterfalls where the flow was year-round such as Fortescue Falls.

In the south, the climate was more temperate. Thus, the waterfalls here depended on Winter rains. Our June 2006 visit probably was a bit too early in the Winter to see the waterfalls here flow with vigor (either that or the rains came late). Whatever the case was, most of the waterfalls we encountered had low flow or were dry altogether. However, some of the waterfall highlights in this region included Serpentine Falls and Beedelup Falls.

Of course with a state so vast and so varied, there was way more than the waterfalls. We were able to see the gorgeous red-cliffed gorges in Karijini National Park in the Pilbara Region, see some of the wildest places in the state in the Kimberley Region (including the Bungle Bungles), experience WA's version of a barrier reef at Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef, see the eccentric Pinnacles at Cervantes, experience the caves as well as the food and wine at the Margaret River Wine Region, see a petrified "wave", and even crank our necks looking up at the giant trees in the far southwest of the state. Indeed, waterfalls seemed to be merely the side attraction to all the surprises and diversity on offer here, and I'm sure we're due for a return trip to experience more of Australia's largest state.

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To get a glimpse of what each waterfall looks like, check out the table below. Click on the waterfalls to read more about them.

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Northern WA

Mitchell Falls 4 Mitchell Falls
Kimberley Region

Fortescue Falls 2.5 Fortescue Falls
Pilbara Region

King George Falls 2.5 King George Falls
Kimberley Region

Joffre Falls 2.5 Joffre Falls
Pilbara Region

Kalamina Falls 1 Kalamina Falls
Pilbara Region

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Southern WA

Serpentine Falls 1.5 Serpentine Falls
Jarrahdale Shire / near Perth

Lesmurdie Falls 1 Lesmurdie Falls
near Perth

Hovea Falls 0.5 Hovea Falls and National Park Falls
Mundaring Shire / near Perth

Quinninup Falls 1 Quinninup Falls
Margaret River

Lane-Poole Falls 1 Lane-Poole Falls
Manjimup Shire

Fernhook Falls 0.5 Fernhook Falls
Denmark Shire / near Walpole

Beedelup Falls 1.5 Beedelup Falls
Manjimup Shire / near Pemberton

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