Ban Gioc (Detian) Waterfalls (Cao Bang Province,Vietnam)

by Mark Jones
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Having been to Ban Gioc, I would agree with your choice as the Number #1 Waterfall in the Region. I was fortunate enough to visit at the peak of the rainy season - September 2014 - and in full flow it is truly spectacular. To be honest the only time to visit a waterfall is in the rainy season when one is able to see the power of the natural world at it's fullest. Another good reason, as I have found in years spent travelling the region, is that the tourist numbers are way down. I was thinking of going to Thi Lor Su Falls but having seen your photos will give it a miss. Another excellent set of falls in the wet season is at Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. For info on both the above mentioned sites please feel free to check my travel blog:

Safe travels


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