Barron Falls.

by Suzanne Lennox
(Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

Barron Falls, February, 2015.

Barron Falls, February, 2015.

Barron Falls, February, 2015.
Afternoon Rainbow from Barron Falls.
Waiting for Morning Rainbows.
From the Other Side of the Gorge.

I had visited Barron Falls a number of times but alas, they were merely a trickle .... But then the rains came and the trickle became a torrent. A few intrepids stood in the February rain vainly waiting for rainbows.

During the rain, I also ventured up to Kuranda on the SkyRail. It was magical being above and in the rainforest in the rain. Thus I saw Barron Falls from the other side of the Gorge and the water was fairly gushing down the cliffs.

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